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Styles P Shares His Thoughts On Lil Wayne Wanting To Leave Cash Money Records

Sun, Jan 4, 2015 by

Styles P Shares His Thoughts On Lil Wayne Wanting To Leave Cash Money Records

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Styles P explained how he can relate to Lil Wayne wanting to leave his record label Cash Money Records, knowing Wayne personally, and more.

Even though he knows Weezy F Baby and Birdman personally, Styles says that he hopes they sort out their differences, but if they can’t then he wishes Weezy the best with whatever decision he takes next.

You can watch the interview in the video below. The last time Tunechi and Styles P collaborated was on “Gotti” just over 2 months ago!

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  • Murda

    He looked bored when talking about Wayne but Vlad wouldn’t shut up about asking him about Wayne hahahahaha.

    First btw.

    • S@H

      Vlad’s a #RealNiggaStand

  • shadow


  • Gudda Gudda

    vlad is so annoying with his little girl voice asking everyone he interviews about weezy

    why not ask about the other young money artists like drake and nicki minaj and gudda

    • Tuned

      Cause Gudda is irrelevant. He can spit but honestly who will ask about Gudda

  • 2Pac

    Gotti still on repeat for me.

    • mortimerr2014

      For sure

    • Patrick H


    • TRIPPY_94

      Gucci Trap God 3 for me

      • cvon

        Kevin gates luca brasi two

  • Patrick H

    The weezy drought will be over tomorrow.

    • Khalil Moody

      What makes you so sure

      • triggacity_813

        Master P mixtape dropping w a Wayne ft

        • ThaCarterV

          did these niggas read the last article , guess not

    • S@H

      Nope. Not till da drought drop

  • /DaDrought/


  • President Carter

    We get an interview from everyone except Lil Wayne…

    • bsk_rich

      power dropped already i posted the link but its awaiting approval. y’all can just google it

      • TRIPPY_94


        • bsk_rich

          how? i thought y’all wanted to know but alright. its on complex, ill try to put it in the forums. ” you live by the gavel or by the gun, find out ya tattle we chop ya tongue”

        • bsk_rich

          tried to put it in the forums but i didn’t know everything had to be approved, I’ve never posted shit. i tried to help, but i hope you find it

        • Wayne Lil

          See on complex ! 😉

        • Dannybrown Stan

          Change your avi fam.

  • /DaDrought/

    1- Da Drought 5 (SFTW2 hopefully)
    2- Da Drought 3
    3- Da Drought 4 (S4TW2)
    4- Da Drought 2
    5- Da Drought

    • /DaDrought/


  • TeamIrvin

    U can save 15% or more, with Geico

  • WtF

    Stylez P looks like Gudda

  • we need to know 4rm Weezy him self, no ifs, no buts

  • Alti_tude

    It just hit me… Wayne might drop his album round the same time Drake drops his. Imagine that ..

    • razor

      No because that would ruin sales.

  • President Carter


    • Tony G


    • Weezy

      It’s not even about cortez anymore

  • LP

    Yeah, I got game like Stuart Scott, fresh out the ESPN shop


  • Trey

    I got a strong feeling wayne is gonna end up on no limit when he leaves birdman. Just my opinion

    • TRIPPY_94

      I said the same thing nephew!!! He doing it to piss off bm cause he know how much they used to beef back in the 90s

  • Ye


  • Ye

    Weezy snapped

  • Ye

    I’m a beast in these streets nigga Glock .40 on fleek nigga Blood gang bitch Respect the powers that be nigga

  • Ye

    http://www. complex. com/music/2015/01/master-p-f-lil-wayne-gangsta-ace-b-power Remove spaces

    • mortimerr2014

      Good look

  • mortimerr2014

    Wayne murked that beat so hype for sftw2

  • KheyLuvTuney