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Lil Wayne Jams Out To “Hot Boy” Remix At Fluxx In San Diego, Rocks Wize & Ope Light LED Shoes [Video]

Wed, Jun 17, 2015 by

Lil Wayne Jams Out His Hot Boy Remix At Fluxx In San Diego, Rocks Wize & Ope Light LED Shoes

While at Fluxx nightclub in San Diego, California on June 15th for a stop on his “Release Partiez” tour, Lil Wayne was spotted jamming out to Bankroll Fresh’s Hot Boy” remix featuring himself, Turk, and Juvenile.

Tunechi can also be seen wearing a pair of Light LED shoes from Wize & Ope, which is of course one of his own business ventures.

You can check out a short clip of Weezy jamming out to the “Hot Boy” remix after the jump below!

Credit: Brandon Willis.

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  • mortimerr2015

    If we ain’t fucking then bitch Bon voyage

  • Crown4weezy

    Im still not making a tidal till it drop dont need no false Dates and have no free trial left

  • WeezyFBaby

    This bbq slice of pizza a day and half old…should I still kill it?

  • #1Stunna

    What song is that?

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  • heatz6nation

    I live in SD, Best City on Earth Lemon Grove , After Mecca Saudi Arabia

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  • Melba

    @ lilwaynehq


  • broadstreetbully85

    yall dumb as hell it’s called marketing. This guy gettin paid more than you make in a month just to rock some back to the future alien led jump offs stop hating.

  • Gandhi

    everybody should do what the fuck they feel like and their mind is set to, no matter if that means rocking jeggings or skinnies as a guy or lighting up shoes, everybody in this world constantly worried about others vision or manifestation, everybody should stop trying to define and control other people’s actions and choices, now that’s what i call human evolvement and maturity, if nobody would appreciate a river for flowing it would still flow, if no one would appreciate the stars shine the stars would still shine, we are all nature’s organisms just like these elements so why would we stop doing what we love or our heart bleeds to, we all have a cerebral cortex (brains) so with that tool or weapon we can create a mindset, it’s created to make sense and not to make arguments, but that’s the gift and curse from the human brain, look at the stars and the rivers they ain’t got no brains, they don’t hear or see other’s statements or arguments, they feel and live to god’s will, that’s all that counts god’s will, only god can judge you