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Lil Wayne, Imagine Dragons & Wiz Khalifa’s “Sucker For Pain” Feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Logic & X Ambassadors Goes Platinum

Wed, Dec 7, 2016 by

Lil Wayne, Imagine Dragons & Wiz Khalifa Sucker For Pain Single Featuring Ty Dolla Sign, Logic & X Ambassadors Goes Platinum

After going Gold on September 22nd, the RIAA have confirmed Lil Wayne, Imagine Dragons and Wiz Khalifa‘s “Sucker For Pain” single featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Logic and X Ambassadors was certified Platinum on October 26th.

This means that the track, which appears on Suicide Squad: The Album official soundtrack, has surpassed over 1 million sales since it was first released back in June of this year.

A big congratulations to everyone involved with the “Sucker For Pain” collaboration! Click here to watch the official music video for the song.

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  • KingKunta_24

    Cant wait to see this for Tha Carter V if it ever comes out.

    • fewcha

      “coming soon”

      • KingKunta_24

        Whatever the hell that means. His management team is ass. They literally don’t know what they doin.

        • WeezyLEF

          They are fighting for it in a lawsuit? Isn’t Wayne who’s not dropping it? Birdman ain’t gon just hand 50 million $ out like that.

          • Tunefan1234

            The judge can say different

          • KingKunta_24

            Nah im talkin bout his management with droppin any material in general like D6 or Funeral. Doubt either of those will be on itunes so idk what the hold up is.

  • Sam

    Been a minute since a record with Wayne reached this milestone

    • Woahnow

      Wayne low key killed his verse

      • CarterBoy

        What you mean “low key”? He did kill his verse

    • Iotatl

      Believe Me went platinum last year…

  • fewcha

    is this wayne’s only “hit” of 2016? has anything else he been on gone platinum?

    • Patrick H

      Ariana Grande let me love you was successful and I think that went gold.

    • DSmith10

      No Problems

  • Patrick H

    It ain’t nothing but pain.



    • #1Stunna

      Nah the whole song is dope.

      • CarterBoy


    • WeezyLEF

      Come on now, everyone one did their thing. A bunch of different artists with different styles and the result was great. Don’t sleep on everyone else just cause Wayne’s on it.

    • ReGuarlyiiRReGular

      It’s dope song altogether but what’s he’s tryna say is wayne the only one who came correct. Ty dollars sign was kinda blah, logic normally goes hard but was blah (suprisingly). And wizs verse was obviosuly sub par. To be honest I’m surprised wayne out rapped logic (an up n coming rapper)

  • #1Stunna

    This whole record dope tbh. #D6 #Funeral #FreeC5

  • Reptar

    Niggas is delusional if they think Turk ain’t da goat.. he da chosen one boi Foh

    • Tunefan1234


      • CarterBoy


  • TooReal

    Only if wayne would go platimum and get nominated for grammy’s without having to be on someone eles song now days but congrats anyway you gotta get it how you can

    • CarterBoy

      Just wait until he leaves CM

  • Mystic Weezy#Comebacktime

    Me: that’s great I’m happy for wayne and them
    Also me: now where’s the fuken music at??

    • CarterBoy


  • 🐐WattbltπŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜ˆ πŸ‘ˆπŸΎDat Way

    Good for Wayne probably his first platinum ft in a minute

  • CarterBoy

    Sucker for Pain is a dope ass song to be honest

    • Official Birdman #Respek

      Very. The fact that it couldn’t be a radio hit was so unfair

      • Iotatl

        Radio is a dying format. Radio play is not needed to be popular song anymore.

  • YungStevenSeagal

    I want Wayne ft Logic song

  • Sean Mc Sherry

    Alright I’m confused asf….I do watch the hiphopdx watching the single sales and 2 weeks ago this song had 643,000 sold so can somebody explain this shit to me or give me a site to confirm its truth 🀐

  • Official Birdman #Respek

    Mannie dropping that C5 Intro was the hottest track of the year. Don’t send shooters at me.πŸ’―πŸ’―

    • A$AP Retro

      It wasnt c5 intro its the track after the intro

      • Official Birdman #Respek

        You sleep.

  • Malik