DJ Drama Gives An Update On His & Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 6” Mixtape

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DJ Drama Gives An Update On His & Lil Wayne Dedication 6 Mixtape

After first getting word that Lil Wayne was working on a Dedication 6 mixtape in 2014, then getting a hint it would be Wayne‘s next official project in 2016, and then getting confirmation it would be released in 2017, we have a new update on the tape.

For his cover story with Rolling Out magazine, DJ Drama has revealed that the status of D6 is now “it’s going to happen”, but he wouldn’t give a release date. He even mentioned that Weezy and Mack Maine are asking are him for beats for the mixtape.

You can read exactly what Drama said after the jump below! When do you think the sixth installment of the Dedication mixtape series will drop?

“It’s going to happen. It’s on [Lil] Wayne. People ask me all the time: ‘When is it coming?’ My job is the easy job. Wayne comes and him and Mack Maine ask me for beats at times. It’s just, times are different and things have changed. Mixtapes are bigger than they’ve ever been, which is wild to me.”

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  • Wayne976

    Finally an update !

    • David D

      But it ain’t a very good one

  • ThevintageWay

    5 Beats I think Wayne should do for D6: (The Race,Left Hollywood,Minute,Bank account,butterfly effect) & honestly atleast one of kodaks beats just for the f%^ of it.

    • Raz!

      i honestly dont know any of them beats except the butterfly effect song

      let me guess, its beats from them trash new rappers?

      • ThevintageWay


  • Raz!

    lmao “its going to happen” fuck outta here drama

    • dee

      Its DJ drama saying it. He just playing a role its a drama

    • Justin Cayz

      He’s a drama queen

      • fewcha

        no pun intended

  • Justin Cayz



      • Justin Cayz

        Well, you must be a very intelligent fella

  • jermaine bishop

    No wayne should do original songs like how people do now on mixtapes


  • Time

    Blah blah blah

    • ßlย૨

      forreal though

  • Dr Carter

    Hope Wayne remixes DNA. A dream

    • David D

      Now that’s a real beat yes

      • Dr Carter

        Imagine Wayne spit when the beat changes… 💥💥💥💥

    • Jeremy J

      I could imagine Wayne saying some shit like “I’m the best rapper alive,that’s in my DNA. I don’t fuck with the bird,I wish he would go away. Bout to sip,skate, and smoke some green today.” Lmao

      • Dr Carter

        Ahahahaha good job

      • Sparks

        I can hear him saying that with like a no ceilings flow

      • Ⓠ Ⓦ Ⓔ Ⓡ Ⓣ Ⓨ


    • Torianbadass


    • G.O.A.T worshipper

      Bet even Kendrick will like his better

      • Khosta The Tormentor


      • CJ

        lil wayne- like a man original version http://dopefile. pk/4sjoldj2jfvu
        remove the space between the period

  • Moolah

    This nigga had nothing else relevant to talk about
    D6 & LilUzi

  • motivated_by_mulla on ig

    I’ve been on this page everyday for like 7 years and it’s my very 1st comment 👏 if he goes off humble or bodak yellow that would make my life lol

    • David D

      Those would be dope

      • Hell yeah, back account and flocking for honorable mention…

  • Aaron Cleary

    Good fucking man Drama. Go and ask Wayne for a date haha although he would probably reply “coming real soon”

  • ßlย૨

    mack only askin drama for beats to send them to hoodybaby for his next upcoming project titled ‘hoody aint no huggy bear’

    • Jbadd504

      Smh, it’s clear that wayne has had the wrong team around him since day one apparently…no way in hell a musician of his magnitude should be in the position he is in..this is so sad

    • Richft3

      Qualified Koala Bear

      • CJ

        That line was garbage lol

  • ßlย૨

    theres a lot of instrumentals i’d wanna see on D6. My number 1 choice would be for wayne to go over Drake’s Free Smoke

    • Man Man

      Only if he can make it his own.. I want Wayne to steal niggas beats and do sumn wit it that they couldn’t do

      • dee

        Really man?? What if he he does sumthing weaker on the beat? Nig its Wayne

        • Khosta The Tormentor

          wayne cant do anything weaker so log out

        • Man Man

          I’m not saying he will do sumn weaker.. I want him to change the whole dynamic and structure of the song.. like he did with the sky is the limit.. it sounds nothing like mr jones.. nc2 sound like remakes of the originals songs.. they still sound the same just different words

    • Torianbadass

      He should do humble too

  • ßlย૨

    neverary 12th

  • Lil Mk vert 🖕🙄🖕

    Wayne need to prove dat he still the best on this mixtape or he needs to shut up

  • Lil Mk vert 🖕🙄🖕

    Wayne need to remix early 20 rager

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    Fuck you drama

  • Probably gon drop in like December


    Had a Dream I Heard a SZA x Wayne Collab Premiere.

  • T-Chubbs

    We geeked up….
    The revenge of the nerds

  • XOCorey

    DNA!!!! I want him to go 2006 on that bitch

  • Joan

    Bank Account, Drowning, Race, Bodak Yellow, DNA/Humble, Pull the trigger, that’s just a few

  • MAcE EvasivE ZIM R&B

    i hope Wayne tones it down with the autotune and goes back to the real rap Weezy,throwing some hard punch lines.Lil Wayne GOAT.

    • Saïf Aree Tugood

      yes wayne over 4:44

  • Sparks

    Lol y’all still taking news like this seriously. We should all be wiser now that this update don’t mean jack shit. This update similar to Wayne saying he done with the funeral album and it’s coming soon. Don’t hold your breath guys it’s “coming soon” “just wait on it”.

    • Torianbadass

      U still being mad dude. ?

      • Sparks

        Na I’m straight. you mad tho?

        • Torianbadass

          Heck no I’m not mad I’m Gucci asf

    • Khosta The Tormentor

      knock it off

      • Sparks

        I’m pretty sure I ain’t the only that feels this way. Announcements from Wayne’s camp don’t mean shit You know this for a fact. So what exactly should I be knocking off?

  • Torianbadass

    D6 will be flames like all of them 👌🏾

    • Weezy504

      Idk about 3 but it wasn’t all bad

      • dio6

        D3?? D3 is fuckin awesome. I cant believe how underrated D3 is

        • Nathaniel Diaz

          Word. Was his best use of Autotune. Plus when you consider demolition pt 1 n 2 was supposed to be on D3, it could’ve really been flames

      • Khosta The Tormentor

        D3 had best bars boi

  • Torianbadass

    How everyone been doing on here?

  • Meaning, the recording hasn’t even started yet

    • Repteezy

      and even if it does that don’t mean shit. C5 was recorded in 2014. We prolly won’t get D6 til atleast 2040

    • Don’t really mean anything…sftw2 was made in a month

      • Saïf Aree Tugood

        “the old me dead and gone that’s who i’m praying over”

  • Repteezy

    Man I wish Wayne was hella active on social media. His YouTube videos of him in the studio are what made his core fan base so strong. If he did that shit on snap & IG he could make a come back

    • Dr Carter

      No ! I like mystery

    • Khosta The Tormentor


  • InfamousWeezy

    I can see wayne remixing Bodak Yellow wit just a little autotune featuring one of his YM artists on D6

  • InfamousWeezy

    Wayne definitely is gonna remix that tee grizzly first day out on D6. You know how he likes songs with no chorus

  • SUPA M
    • BradyTheGoat#Kushwasright

      Imma boss

      • SUPA M


  • another “coming soon” project we never getting lol

  • Weezy4prez

    Wayne killed it last night in st.pete. crowd was lit af. Idk what yall are talkin bout sayin his crowds are dead

  • HippyWise

    The next update should be a release date. Anything else is pointless

  • ⚜️BATMAN🛡

    Songs we need Wayne to remix on D6:
    1. DNA
    2. Butterfly Effect
    3. Story of OJ
    4. RAF
    5. XO Tour Life
    6. Mask Off
    7. Tunnel Vision
    8. Hereditary
    9. Drowning
    10. Bounce Back
    11. 4am
    12. Land of the Free
    13. Bank Account
    14. Relationship
    15. Bodak Yellow
    16. No Effort
    17. Left Hollywood
    18. Idols Become Rivals
    19. Everybody

    • Khosta The Tormentor

      you forgot Oooou

    • Torianbadass


  • T-Twitch

    Wayne should do a quick freestyle over a beat and just drop it like right now

    • Nukey

      He did in July…. with magnolia and dropped 3 originals 4 if you count like a man, 2 more of you count faith yfs too this year plus others but yeah stay hungry! but don’t become ungrateful…

    • Yo come to my disqus page its called thug land the link is in my bio

  • Weezy The GOAT

    I still want Wayne to rap over 2 chainz’s big amount

  • Tauheed Epps

    I ain’t read the post but lemme guess…..coming soon?

  • 🌊†unedabigbro🎶.💰.🔥

    Next year

  • 🌊†unedabigbro🎶.💰.🔥

    3 years with out dedication 6 an barely saids it’s going too happen lol 2018 we getting d6

  • YungFederalAgentJackBauer

    DJ DRAMA * Dj Drama voice*

    • Dr Carter

      “I Like that !”

  • So yes its gonna happen but only when Wayne ask … Which he hasn’t and you have no idea when he’s gonna…wow great update

    • BradyTheGoat#Kushwasright


    • Khosta The Tormentor

      Boi if you dont

  • Khosta The Tormentor
    • Dr Carter


    • Torianbadass


    • Reward Lema


  • ßlย૨

    If the best things in life are free then why the fuk we pay attention, uh , pockets on 9 months…

    D4 anniversary

  • YungFederalAgentJackBauer

    Practice makes perfect, I’m relaxing at rehearsal
    I’m a mothafuckin’ professional, like Herschel
    Walker, the talk of the game, is I
    But I wonder will they still be talkin’ after I die
    But that’s not important, money’s more important
    Understand I been in that water like I was snorklin’
    Understand I been in that water like I’m a dolphin
    Miami, Khaled took me in like an orphan

  • Mimi❤️Minaj🐍🐍

    “It’s going to happen ”

    Probably never going to happen anytime soon

    • Torianbadass

      I will happen he might drop something on his birthday

  • fewcha

    d6 is a myth

  • Ruben Andres

    Remix Humble, DNA, the Race, Mask off
    The race would b a dope on how he leave Birdman..smh #FreeC5