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Lil Wayne Could Shut Down His Young Money Record Label If It’s Not Being Ran Properly

Tue, Oct 24, 2017 by

Lil Wayne Could Shut Down His Young Money Record Label If Its Not Being Ran Properly

According to The Blast, who have obtained new documents in Lil Wayne‘s lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records, Wayne is wanting to shut down his Young Money Entertainment record label if it’s not being handled properly.

Weezy has asked the court to “appoint a receiver to supervise the operations of Young Money Label joint venture, or order the termination of Young Money Label joint venture and appoint a liquidator.”

We already know that Tunechi is trying to take his company away from Cash Money, which includes keeping his artists Drake and Nicki Minaj, but Birdman has already responded to the latest update in the lawsuit by claiming Tune has no right to terminate his record label as he is still under contract.

Would you like to see Young Mula shut down if it means Lil Wayne can be free from CM? If you want my personal view on this news, I have included a video below that basically sums up what I think of it!

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  • Crip Curry

    Yes I wouldn’t care if YM was shut down if he could be free. But I don’t think shutting down YM will release him from his contract

    • Raz!

      no but birdman wouldnt make any money from drake and nicki then

  • Weezy

    Ofc, Young Money ain’t shit but a name now. Everyone’s doing their own thing so if it would let wayne out the contract, might as well do it

    • Raz!

      everyone knows drake is OVO now

      people forget he YM too but he doesnt even rep it and who can blame him when it’s the most unprofessional label out there

      • Big Tune or Lil Tune

        He still reps it go to his instagram and he said that he was young money on his album views as well.

  • Raz!

    wayne should shut down YM anyway and focus on himself

    YM is ran by idiots like mack maine and that’s why it’s not a professional business

    they’ve signed so many trash artists, they’ve had so many good artists leave, and they only focus on drake and nicki (just check the social media for proof)

    rappers with real talent on the label like cory gunz are just being forgot about

    • TRUTH

    • Scream☁️9FDAWORLD

      true true true true true and TRUE !!!!!!!

    • Mula

      “rappers with real talent on the label like cory gunz are just being forgot about”
      talk that talk bruh

    • mortimerr2016

      I agree

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  • Nijee

    If He Shut Young Money Down Then What Would Happen To Drake, Nicki & Rest Of The Young Money Artists

    • Raz!

      they would go independant

      drake would be OVO and nicki has pink friday records

  • Malik

    Wayne got balls for that lol that’s how I kno he fed up & if the judge will give the label to anyone it most likely will be Wayne

    • Sparks

      Bird man owns 51percent if young money. He’s still the majority owner of it

  • Dr Carter

    Young Money merch

    • Raz!

      no one rocking it

      • Dr Carter


      • #1Stunna 9X HQ Award Winner

        I am. that hoodie lit

      • TrukFitNANCY

        His clothing line lit, I have Young Money Mercy. And he always sells out

  • XOCorey

    No more YM smh

    • 🐐🐐

      New chapter move on .

    • Raz!

      it’s a trash label now anyway isnt it

  • 🐐🐐

    End of an era but only a new beginning wayne probably going to change it too Mula gang records or something like that but people thinking this a bad thing it’s actually good

  • YMYSL 🐍🐍

    Fake news lol. Why’d you post this, Danny?


    • 🐐🐐

      Won’t happen


        • 🐐🐐

          Let the music do it

          • Jbadd504

            His music all these years wasn’t enough to stop this label dispute from happening. Wayne’s career is fucked due to poor buisness management…

    • Stefan David Tufis

      he can’t see that mack and tez are a bad influence on his career cause those are one of the few people that are still loyal to him,it’s obvious he won’t tell them to fuck off lmao

      • Giraffe Boy

        they only loyal cause they are leeching off him

        weezy needs professional people around him who can guide his career

        mack and tez got lucky they went to the same school

      • BeachxBumx

        Y’all acting like y’all in his circle, in the studio and in their conversations everyday. Chill tf out.

  • fewcha

    so the lawsuit is nowhere near close to the end and we arent going to get C5 next year either i will bet any money on that

  • Stefan David Tufis

    Birdman will ruin the fucking shit out ofWayne,he has no chanche of getting out of this lawsuit since Birdman owns kinda errthing over him. of course i hope this will not happen but it’s hard to see the positive side. it’s a shame how money and people being not loyal can fuck up legends like this

  • T-Chubbs

    Damn. More shyt. Should be good for wayne in the long run tho…nigga still need them M’$

  • A.

    he should shut down his windows laptop.

  • YMYSL 🐍🐍

    Hopefully Birdman does go on Everyday Struggle. Akademiks will be so shook lmfao

    • Crip Curry

      Joe Budden would make birdman have another meltdown like he did a couple years ago on the breakfast club

      • YMYSL 🐍🐍

        It was only a little over a year ago lolol

        It would be an amazing episode, overall

  • Tunefan1234

    Everyone I have a bitcoin account so if like 50 people could throw up 20$ I can get the third strike song for all of us

    • Giraffe Boy

      pay it yourself and treat us for christmas

      • Tunefan1234

        Ain’t paying 600$ for a song

    • Lmao

    • #1Stunna 9X HQ Award Winner

      I’ll do it for sure.

    • Tersha Yam

      Y’all not sure that’s a big scam? Lol once you send that they run

  • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

    This is the post we all dreaded….good Lord, please stop handing Weezy L’s…enough is enough…

  • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

    Imma still rep team YM til it’s officially dissolved.

    • Giraffe Boy

      you probably still scream YMCMB

  • Giraffe Boy
  • Yes
    Lil Wayne should shut down Young Money Entertainment so he can focus on himself.

  • A.T

    Wayne shld just create another label without CM and sign all his artists on it again ✌🏼

    • Time

      Nah there’s too many weak wack artists on it

      • YMYSL 🐍🐍


  • Gucci Flip Flops

    Yes. If we keeping it a buck, most of the YM artists are useless and just taking up space anyway. If anything, when/if he does dissolve YM, he should just take the obvious talented ones and the ones that at least have potential.

  • 🐐🐐
    • Time

      Smh all these Wayne pages on Insta need shutting down

      • 🐐🐐

        Nah not fr they just do too much for clout sometimes

      • YMYSL 🐍🐍

        Some of them.

    • Raz!

      everyone should unfollow that white boy

  • Time


  • Turtis

    Wayne needs to come back around, all by himself this time, back off the wall, in the middle of the street, like bang, bang!

  • Turtis

    What’s sneaking through your speakers is the speech of weezy f baby. No longer with Baby.

  • DC
    • Raz!

      smh they said maybe, do you know what maybe means?

      and they arent even credible

      • DC

        Lol you still think they arn’t?

        • DC


        • Raz!

          i know they arent

          • DC

            Ok explaun

            • DC


            • Raz!

              it’s been explained numerous times i’m not going into it again

              why do you think no one has even acknowledged them except for gullible wayne fans who wanna believe anything online?

              • DC

                They have been acknowledged by Lil B, Olly Cartez (D5 cover art designer), and Vic Mensa. They’ve also shown proof that they worked on other Dedication projects, and are completely realistic and don’t make outrageous claims.

                • DC

                  I was skeptical as well, but I have numerous reasons why they are reliable

    • David D


  • HeroinWayne

    This shit is actually really sad I hate this for Wayne. All the , Young Moula baby’s!!!

  • DC
    Everyone follow my new Wayne News account on Instagram!!! I’m actually post shit we wayne fans want to know about, not just old lyrics like alot of these others lol

    • Raz!

      nah imma just stay logging into lwhq

      • DC

        I see how it is wowww

  • Hunter Yates

    He is either deaf as serious or he’s bluffing

  • br!$€()

    Wayne shut it down to reopen after few months..

  • DC
  • D’uzo D’ays ®

    There is Cash Money Records (Baby & Slim) then there is Young Money Entertainment (Tunechi)…..Tunchi & CM got into a joint venture and named it Young Money Label Joint Venture where Cash Money 51% and Tune has 49%.
    He is threatening to shut down the YMJV, not YME.
    People need to get this right.
    The reason babe says he can’t shut it down because it is the actual contract.
    Otherwise people like Steph, Uero are signed under YME alone. nothing to do with Universal and CM. unless they are on a Young Money album, which is contracted under YMJV.
    The YMJV is where nick & drizzy get linked with CM & Universal. And that is what he wants to dissolve.
    Not YME.
    I hope your’l are clear of this.

  • HippyWise

    Yeah that whole run is over but it was legendary at the same time. If he start a new label I doubt drake would resign. Maybe nicki though

  • D’uzo D’ays ®

    S/O to SeverTheBond. See through the BS boy!!

  • David D

    My girl sleeps in a thong

    • YungJackBauer

      Coming soon

      • I was js, the cover art look dope

        • Crip Curry

          It’s been on there for a year. That’s a fake cover.

  • Tuned is a thong rapper, all his lines ass

    • RSB


  • Lil Wayne_Legendary35


    • Dr Carter

      Welcome !

    • DC

      Whats up

  • Cameron Carter

    Black Eyed Peas – Pump It is classic

  • Hunter Yates

    He gonna change it to mula gang winning records

  • Ms Mecca

    He don’t have to do a mutha fucckin thing- whoever fall off during this time fuk ya! You ain’t real- If you question his judgement you ain’t Real! He built this shit you speaking on and He knows a whole lotta shit you have No clue about! IF YOU A FAN- When you see him post/promote something buy as much of that shit that you can afford! When he come to your city buy a ticket go to the show and be positive and buy whatever tha FUCK they sellin in that bitch! Show Love but by all means SHUT THA FUCK UP!

  • Seattle@Home


    Iv even had several ppl say hell yeah you would turn things around.. i can make tracklists, give ideas on stuff and know when and how to release tracks and much more. Iv Been saying this for years now..

  • Mj Chase

    Mike Hodges

  • Mj Chase

    Wayne nor anyone(for that matter) should ever turn their back on a loyal person! We SHOULD all have people we grew up with that knows all the dirt, all the good and( most importantly) who we were when we were the purest form of who we would ever be! Keeps you grounded and never lets you get pompous or arrogant. Hopefully I don’t have to explain the rest of that lesson to anyone.