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Cortez Bryant: “Maybe D6 In November, Not December, That’s Too Long” [Video]

Tue, Nov 14, 2017 by

Cortez Bryant Says Maybe Dedication 6 In November, Not December, Thats Too Long

Cortez Bryant recently went onto Instagram Live with his girlfriend and gave a little update on Lil Wayne‘s forthcoming Dedication 6 mixtape.

During his live session, which you can see below, Wayne‘s best friend and manager mentioned that D6 could drop this month and not in December as that’s too far away:

“Maybe D6 in November, not December, that’s too long”

Even though it’s not included in the clip, Tez Poe‘s girlfriend then told him to shut up because “they will run with that”, so I think that could either mean she knows he is joking around or that he will ruin a surprise drop! What do you think?

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