Nivea Reveals How She Knows Lil Wayne’s “Something You Forgot” Song Is About Her [Video]

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Nivea Reveals How She Knew Lil Wayne Something You Forgot Song Was About Her

BET have released a bonus never-before-seen clip from their “#FindingBET” special with Nivea that took place back in 2018.

In the video, which you can watch below, Nivea explains how Lil Wayne first got her number by telling a little white lie, how he proposed to her in an elevator in Rhode Island, and her relationship with The-Dream.

The Georgia singer also talked a little bit about the amazing Wayne song “Something You Forgot” that leaked online years ago by saying she knew it was definitely about her from the “You called me ‘Butter’, I called you ‘Bay'” line as that is what they used to call each other!

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  • RktDaKid

    Got A Black Ass Gun N A Bad Yellow Bitch! N It Looks Like Imma Die Like This💥

    • Goat Tamer

      Hollygrove gangster
      Eagle Street animal

  • Raz!

    something you forgot is in my top 5 wayne songs

    does nivea have any idea how good this song actually is lol

    what she mean to me is what i mean to rap


  • Jake Sharma #Khosta’sDad #4-0

    The best wayne song of all time imo

    • Patrick H

      One of them.

  • Jake Sharma #Khosta’sDad #4-0
    • DC Wezzy

      Shits hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • DC Wezzy

    Drizzy f and king slime thugger best rap duo in 2020 in my opinion 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kafeel

    I remember when Wayne said he loved nivea on BET, I think he genuinely did. Now he’s into 50yr olds. Damn last 5-6 years fucked Wayne up too much. He lost himself imo

    • Patrick H

      I remember that, it was with Big Tigger hah.


  • Goat Tamer

    And I hope that nigga know he got a queen
    And all I can do is dream, damn!

    What a great song man..



    • Senica Youkhana

      Wait the dream was the nigga she got wit now it all make sense lol

  • Patrick H

    She was heavy on drugs for this inteview.

    • Jake Sharma #Khosta’sDad #4-0

      I doubt it but I know she was doing drugs for a long time (like post Wayne marriage). I heard she was clean now

      • Giraffe Boy

        look at how she acts in this interview and how he jaw is always swinging bro

  • Best

    I know someone will think 6ix9ine is a great rapper now because of the record for his new single Gooba 😂🤣

    • Giraffe Boy

      only retards

      • Best

        I swear King Slime Thugger is one of them

        • King Slime Thugger

          I haven’t even commented and I’m in your head rent free🤣🤡🤡🤡

          • Best

            That’s because for you having more streaming and views means that they are great rappers

    • only people who like teriyaki 69 are 12 year old white kids who play fortnite and call their moms by their first name

      • Best


  • Dr Carter

    Would you let your girl have an only fans account if she’s making 40k a month ?

  • Goat Tamer

    She like the finer things
    She said I sent her a diamond ring
    She say I buy her all kinds of things
    She lie about everything
    I put her on time out and everything
    I cut the bitch off like a thread of string
    These hoes’ll say about anything
    ‘Cause they know that y’all believe everything

    Kim rose in a nutshell

    • Giraffe Boy


    • Dr Carter


    • TRUE

    • King Slime Thugger

      Or maybe it’s true

    • Day1_la_laker

      The songs you sent never downloaded or let me download them smh. Is there a way you can send each one separately or sum?

      • Goat Tamer

        I’ll try them separately yes but probably tomorrow.. What songs did you want?

        • Day1_la_laker

          All of og c5 and lost grails if you can

          My email is

          • Goat Tamer

            Tomorrow bro

          • Goat Tamer

            I thought I’d try through Mega so let me know if these work

            mega. nz/folder/SdEnBK5I#er7FrLFBJtYufREUZGsqWA

            mega. nz/folder/7JNjkKCT#SC7QHMV2N7Mdjvi6vhSLyQ

  • Giraffe Boy

    but it was obvious it was about her and not one of his other baby mamas cause of the “she was from Georgia” line

  • Andre S

    is La La La a top 10 Wayne song?

    • Giraffe Boy


      unless you mean the one from c3 then no

      but the solo one is yes

    • YUP



  • King Slime Thugger

    I pull up and see “the best” has my name in his mouth already 😝😝😝, go see a psychiatrist since I’m in yo head 😈

  • King Slime Thugger

    Romance,Awkward & something you forgot are the best love songs of all time. Never mind is fourth

    • KarTune2.0

      Took a while for never mind to hit for me but wow, slipped by cause I wanted to hear some heavier

      • King Slime Thugger

        It’s amazing when high bro, “who knows? Nigga not me” always gets me man 🔥

    • ✨luh uzi vert✨

      Sent my verse

      • King Slime Thugger

        Fr? SHEESH

    • nah Without You, If I Don’t (She is Mine) and Grown Man are better

      • King Slime Thugger

        Lol, “Staring at the world” is better than the three mid tracks you named fella

        • staring at the world is up there too but nah they not mid 😂

  • Dr Carter

    Rappers nowadays using Wayne Dirty Dancer video drip

  • Dr Carter

    Skinny leather pants I’m on my Eddy Murphy

  • JT

    You must not really respect hiphop if you dont bump Beam Me Up Scotty, Barbie World and Sucka Free every now and again. Keys Under Palm Trees, Higher Than A Kite and Sunshine?Clasicsss🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wattblt 🚫🧢

    Bruh Ym fa page is full of barbs 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Mimi Minaj #comebackhermano


      • Wattblt 🚫🧢

        He might as well turn into a fan page

  • Day1_la_laker

    Damn tory lanez hair grew FAST ASF!

  • ⁶𓅓ºᵛº ᵃⁿᵗ𓅓⁶

    Ogs remember youngmoneyhq 😢

    • King Slime Thugger

      Gudda Gudda articles were litty as fuck man

    • Lol! Ikr!

    • i still have it bookmarked just in case it resurrects 😔

      • Until then, the newest article is still ‘Bed’ with Nicki and Ariana. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Stunna Number Blocked

    I remember as a kid hearing this song on the radio and running straight to the library just to get it downloaded to mp3 player crazy how time fly

  • King Slime Thugger

    Lmaooo “why we not getting updates but lil Wayne gets it daily” is killing me 🤣🤣, must be Chanel west coast

  • Dr Carter

    Darkside so underrated

  • JtomThaDon

    God she aged bad why she look like a grandma