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  1. "Somethin' 'bout her swag, she like to fuck to Carter 3"
  2. What happened To Wayne!?
  3. Are the leaks over?
  4. Abbi and Ilana Try to Crash a Lil Wayne Concert - Broad City
  5. Lil Wayne probably have you choked and blame it on me
  6. What cars Wayne owns?
  7. Question about Carter 2
  8. Wayne's Placement on Lollapalooza is Disrespectful
  9. 11 year anniversary of 'lollipop'
  10. Is This Anyone's Top 5 Song From D2?
  11. Birdman officially replaces Lil Wayne with Young Thug as his 'son'
  12. What year is your fav Lil Wayne?
  13. XO Tour Life
  14. F what anyone say
  15. Travis Scott featuring Lil Wayne
  16. The BEST ALBUM EVER created is.......
  17. One of the most chill songs i've ever heard
  18. Lil Wayne + Mannie Fresh 'This Is The Carter' Appreciation
  19. Lloyd tells the story of 'You' ft. Lil Wayne
  20. Is there another version of
  21. looking ballin rough cut before the final song came out
  22. Who Reginae talking about?
  23. They say ah need to get back on my rrrap shit,
  24. Dope! The news recites Lil Wayne
  25. 19-Year-Old Lil Wayne give a tour of his house
  26. What Song Should Wayne Remix Next?
  27. Looking for a Song title
  28. Jayz has 10 platinum or higher albums
  29. Suicidal If My Contracts Was Like Lil Wayne's
  30. Lil Wayne Official Discography Timeline
  31. Dhea Sodano vs. Stephanie Acevedo
  32. T.I. about to make a Fuck Nigga part 2 diss for Lil Wayne
  33. Jamal & Lil Wayne - Murda Music
  34. Will Wayne release a project this year with older songs?
  35. Does anyone think...
  36. Iíve never heard this before...
  37. Young Money no longer doing BET Experience thanks to Cardi B
  38. Lil Wayne has surpassed 100 million RIAA certified units with albums, singles & feats
  39. Mo'nique loves Uproar
  40. Young Money/RIAA Got To Update Wayne's Sales...
  41. What that tongue do?
  42. Where can I find Lil Wayne fan fic / groupie stories?
  43. Little Girlís Eyes
  44. Back in 2017 SEAL said rap took a nosedive after Lil Wayne
  45. Will We Ever Hear Wayne Over a Kanye Produced Beat Again?
  46. Got tatted up like my fav rapper
  47. Best Dancer Alive
  48. Dope Lil Wayne wallpaper
  49. Lil Wayne has had a hair transplant???
  50. Has Wayne dropped a project every year? And will we get a album or mixtape for 2019?
  51. Stalley 'Fountain Of Youth' (ft. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hussle)
  52. Lil Wayne Mixtapes on Spotify
  53. Young Thug - Believe It(LIL WAYNE DISS)
  54. Young Thug Says Lil Wayne Tried To Sue Him For "Barter 7" Album
  55. Did anyone in here get C5 on vinyl yet?
  56. song cleanup
  57. Jay Sean 'Why Why How Why' (feat. Lil Wayne, Sia & Diplo)
  58. What could've been
  59. Lil Wayne Mashup verses
  60. Thoughts?
  61. Is Wayne balding or is it me?
  62. Wayne actually spent more then 5$ on the new music video drop
  63. Anyone have new, clear pictures of Wayne's colored dreads?
  64. What Is Funeral Going To Be Like?
  65. That time a groupie tried to move in with Wayne
  66. Am I the only one who missed this track?
  67. The Carter Series intros and outros
  68. A$AP Rocky loves Uproar
  69. Why is no one talking about Lil Wayne's comeback??
  70. I feel so old
  71. The Hidden Genius of Tha Carter V
  72. Waynes 2018 Rolling Loud Los Angeles Full Set?
  73. New Lil Wayne + 2 Chainz 'Collegrove' Snippet
  74. G-Unit / Cash Money Relationship...
  75. Is there a thread for all the unreleased/loosies wayne songs from like 2006-2008?
  76. What would y'all rather have Tha Carter V or Dedication 6/D6 Reloaded
  77. Lil Wayne and Drake and Nicki
  78. Cool & Dre Rate Mixtape Lilí Wayne Vs. Album Lilí Wayne | Rate The Bars: VS
  79. Wayne gifts Drake a custom 6 charm
  80. Why is 2 chainz so bad....
  81. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne 'ColleGrove 2' is leaking.....
  82. Wayne exposed lying again over the Michael Jackson vs. Prince question
  83. Some new wayne on vinyl..
  84. Does anyone remember this specific Wayne interview?
  85. Do Remixes of songs not chart?
  86. Drake + Lil Wayne (opinion)
  87. Carter V: songs that should have had features
  88. The Leak Vinyl
  89. Fire the stylist Marisa Flores
  90. Who should Wayne take on Tour?
  91. Is Swagga Like Us the only song Lil Wayne doesnít have the first or last verse?
  92. Did Birdman ever diss Wayne on a song during the beef
  93. Fresh Files
  94. Lil Wayne - Millionaires Row (LeakThis)
  95. Hanging out with Lil Wayne - VLOG 54 - Some random cunt
  96. Would you have wanted any YM artists besides Nicki and Drake on C5?
  97. Lil Wayne - C5 Vinyl + Digital pre order.
  98. What exactly is the problem with C5?
  99. Supreme.G "Watch How You Speak" ft. Lil Wayne
  100. 2019 Lil Wayne
  101. Anybody Want To Speculate
  102. Panic! At The Disco have a hit with "High Hopes" & it is similar to a Lil Wayne song
  103. Charlamagne says why he believes 'Tha Carter V' is a bad album
  104. Help looking for something
  105. Top Lil Wayne Features 2018
  106. unreleased HOODYBABY
  107. VinylMePlease mentioned a secret 6th project.
  108. When did you realize Wayne was Goat?
  109. One night only - Carter 3 - Lil Wayne
  110. Eric Bieniemy back
  111. Will we ever get hard copy release of the ded series?
  112. Wayne x 21 Savage?
  113. Top 10 Lil Wayne Songs 2018
  114. Is this new?
  115. Mirror--Carter 4- Lil Wayne
  116. [Audio Only] BG, Weezy, & Turk Perform I Know & Get Off The Corner In 2001
  117. The Dedication Series Bday Yesterday
  118. who that hot chick from city girls
  119. Lil Wayne I hate Love
  120. Wayne & Twist
  121. Young Playa hard af
  122. Grammy nominations 2019
  123. Nice Watch- Lil Wayne: Legacy of Mr. Carter
  124. Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda Praises Lil Wayne
  125. The Search For The Rarest Wayne Song: Put It On Tha Streets [HELP WANTED]
  126. Gravy & Lil Wayne - Ignorant Shit Question...
  127. Throwback: BTS Fireman
  128. 2 years later
  129. YMChefBoyRBeatz
  130. Nicki Minaj Feat. Lil Wayne "Good Form Remix" (Music Video)
  131. Carter III vinyl 2018 release
  132. Cant access the rare lil wayne picture thread
  133. Who put this photo on facebook ?
  134. Is Lil Wayne The GOAT
  135. nigga
  136. One Series
  137. Like C5 never happened.
  138. Lil Wayne - Hot 97.9 Concert
  139. Lil Wayne got a new cheek tattoo
  140. Help me find a song please
  141. What's everyone's verdict on Velvet Sessions?
  142. Least favorite song of Tha Carter V
  143. Open Safe
  144. How would you assess Wayne's instrumental choices?
  145. Tha Carter V CD
  146. The Life of Mr. Carter (feat. Jay-Z)
  147. Drake's baby mama Sophie Brussaux is in Lil Wayne's "Single" music video
  148. question
  149. just a thought.....
  150. 2005 Wayne Interview: Talks C2 Success, Reel, Best Rapper Alive Remix, Ghost Writing
  151. i hope the Mona Lisa music video is a masterpiece
  152. can we talk about how this is one of the best songs of this year
  153. Thanks to skateboarding, Lil Wayne played this off like a GOAT
  154. Lil Wayne Shares His Memories Of Mac Miller During #CelebrationOfLife Tribute Concert
  155. UFC Champion Daniel Cormier talks Tha Carter V
  156. how exactly did Just Chill leak?
  157. R.I.P. Young Greatness
  158. Tha Carter V is the Ultimate Lil Wayne album
  159. How are we getting so many leaks lately?
  160. Lil Wayne - Zero
  161. Lets make a Lil Wayne Tracker
  162. Lil Wayne Velvet sessions
  163. lil wayne inspired tattoos
  164. Ready
  165. Quick question/help! +Rep !
  166. Nick Cannon Said He Is A Better Rapper Than Lil Wayne, Drake & Andre 3000
  167. Elders people react to Lil Wayne music
  168. HOODY writes for Young Money.
  169. Lil Wayne TIDAL X BROOKLYN
  170. Pitch instrumentals you want to see mixtape Weezy on
  171. Mona Lisa Video Director
  172. Why Wayne is not making songs like Lollipop, Right above it, Got money and mobbin?
  173. Elders React To Lil Wayne (Feat. XXXTentacion, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars)
  174. Uproar Video
  175. Currensy talks about how he put Lil Wayne onto BAPE
  176. Rank these album/mixtape combos
  177. Tina Milian:"You better lick her like a lollipop with that lil lollipop youre packin"
  178. Has 'London Roads' changed for you??
  179. I noticed something about C5...
  180. We need more Kodak x Wayne
  181. Full Version of "Some Say" with Ray J
  182. How do you Wayneís albums?
  183. Lil Wayne and Odell Beckham Jr. open up about their careers, achievements and more
  184. The Fresh File
  185. Phil Mushnick calls Lil Wayne a "low-life rapper", complains about his N-worded lyric
  186. 'Tha Carter V' Generates $3.3 Million in Opening-Week Song Reven
  187. Hoody write for wayne
  188. HoodyBaby wrote Lil Wayne's 'Perfect Strangers'?
  189. So which of the c5 leftovers was good enough to have its own place on c5?
  190. Young Thug had the Let It All Work Out beat before Lil Wayne?
  191. favorite mixtape weezy song????
  192. Throwback Interview: Wayne Speaking About his Step-Father
  193. Lil Wayne | #GenesisHalftimeShow
  194. Are 'Bye Bae' and 'Took His Time' the same beats ?
  195. Missing Mannie track etc
  196. How Wayne suddenly became a hero again?
  197. Blocboy JB Pays Tribute To Lil Wayne With "Go DJ" Remix
  198. The Uproar music video comes out today
  199. "Lil Wayne Rushed Off Stage As A3C Performance Ends In Chaos & Evacuation"
  200. weezy and pac?
  201. [Text Only] MTV Interview From July 23rd, 2002, Day Of 500 Degreez Release
  202. question about dont cry
  203. BET Award for D6R
  204. 2018 Mixtape Weezy
  205. "i only listen to myself"
  206. Lil Wayne has ripped off Drake for the Uproar video
  207. What project is more likely to come out next?
  208. Waynes first week numbers.
  209. Lil Wayne aint gonna be happy his daughter Reginae is being a thot on social media
  210. C5 og
  211. where's the love for Open Safe???
  212. Sango "Thank You Weezy"
  213. Mack Maine the unsung hero of C5
  214. Pick one song of Carter V
  215. Best Storytelling Songs
  216. The Lil Wayne and Travis Scott song on Carter V is recent
  217. FWA vs C5?
  218. This is for every dumb nigga who think Wayne needs Post Malone.
  219. TV Appearances in HQ
  220. What do you think wayne is thinking with the new evidence.
  221. C5 late track addition
  222. Everyday Struggle share their initial review on C5
  223. Lil' Wayne ft. Kendrick Lamar - Mona Lisa (Reaction)
  224. "had a couple hrs 2 kill so I wanted to practice. I liked Wayne & Kdots Mona Lisa"
  225. Realest They Come
  226. Opinion: Signs of better management?
  227. Charlamagne hates on Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V
  228. C5 Rollout has been great
  229. What a time.
  230. I don't think Wayne is having fun anymore
  231. Carter V part 2?
  232. #UpRoarChallenge
  233. So Carter 5 is out..whats next??
  234. green ranger - uproar
  235. Where to get Bumbu Carter 5 edition?
  236. Fuck Mack Maine
  237. Whats your thoughts on C5 so far?
  238. Lil Wayne and Drake fell out???
  239. Digital Downloads are not available to customers outside of the US
  240. Happy 36th birthday to Lil Wayne
  241. Carter V Merchandise
  242. Buy and Support the album!
  243. C5 tracklist?
  244. I'm scared Vice Versa are going to be on the Life Of Mr Carter song
  245. Lil Wayne vs. Kanye West vs. Logic
  246. Rich The Kid is on C5?
  247. Is this Wayne's best feature?
  248. Lil Twist has his phone stolen and it has Tha Carter V on it
  249. Lil Wayne Custom Dedication Cleats
  250. Real G's Move in Silence like Lasagna