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    Link Rules

    #1: If I mixed a wayne acapella with a dope beat and uploaded it to youtube, am I allowed to post the link on here to ask for feedback ?

    #2: If someone is asking what my favourite wayne song is in a thread or something like that, can I answer with a youtubelink instead of just writing the name of the song ?

    Yes or No? + explain
    Take it out the wrapper, sit it on the stove
    Break a gram off and put it in my bitch nose
    She tells me how it feels, she's numb, she's froze
    Bitch! wake up and help me cook these o's
    I gotta get my cake up see all I eat is dough
    I'm a dangerous mothafucka watch your feets, your toes

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    Re: Link Rules

    Yes to both. No explanation needed. Neither of the things you said break the rules here.

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