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Thread: Posting Download Links! [Rules]

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    Posting Download Links! [Rules]

    This forum is mainly for Lil Wayne and Young Money, so we don't want to be getting letters and threats about shutting this website down because we are posting links to 'leaks' by other music artists. This means that you are not allowed to post any links to singles, music videos, and albums etc from a music artist who are not Weezy, or someone in YMCMB.

    You are allowed to post links to free music though, such as these mixtapes that artists release on the internet for free. But if you can purchase the music online or from stores etc, then we don't want a download link on here.

    We don't mind if you create threads to discuss about the latest 'leaks' and 'albums' etc, but please don't post any download links; just YouTube videos only.

    If you get caught posting download links, then you will receive a warning

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