Respect - We do not appreciate members insulting other members on here by either bullying, racism or just nasty comments. Respect the decisions of the staff on this board too - they are here to keep the board spam free and help the forum run smoothly. This rule is used in posts, private messages, visitor messages, and reputation comments.

Double Posts - Posting after you have just previously posted without at least five hours in between will result in a warning for you. If you need to make another post, then just edit your previous post.

Replies - Please try and not to use one or two word answers for posts as this is a community, which means communicate and make discussions Also don't keep posting in ALL CAPITALS as it is just pointless and considered as shouting. Keep on topic with your posts too!

Lil Wayne Fansite - This forum has been created for Weezy fans to discuss about Weezy! If you come here to just hate and be stupid, then you will be banned. We don't mind you sharing your opinion but obvious hate is not accepted.

Spam - Please don't make threads which have been made clearly for just advertising your website etc. Place all links (only to personal websites) in your signature and of course place a link in your post if it has relevance to the topic and will help a user out (common sense). LWHQ does not tolerate advertising of rival forums in any shape or form (PM, threads, signatures, etc) and doing so will result in a ban and can lead to a permaban. Also, if you are going to create a new thread which you think someone else might have already created, then please use the 'search' before making that thread.

Arguments - Keep arguments out of threads! If you have a problem with another member of this forum, then sort it out in a Private Message. Make sure you let the staff know as well and we will help sort it.

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Three warnings = Week ban
Five warnings = Month ban
Seven warnings = Perm ban

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