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Thread: A liftetimes gone by

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    A liftetimes gone by

    Had him thinking I was like an old Chicago hot dog
    What else did you forgot how to jot
    Or say you always forgot
    I love the fame so much Iím insane, but you can lose your way
    But your record deal broke before my name
    But hey Iím well-travelled
    Donít hide in the scaffold
    I thought you were saffron, gold or hat on
    Thought I had a clown on
    Now thereís cherries bursting all over me
    Your hero forgot how to sing
    So the message I bring
    Is that your hands are never far it seems?
    From what your fate in my mate brings
    Whichever hour every season
    Your bubble is bursting within reason
    I had another legion
    Had him thinking xs and os were misleading
    But the message were bringing
    Had your face on a hat that was misleading
    So was the key when you take it from me
    But keep it ringing, chiming and dinging
    Heaven can be misleading, but earth is also deceiving
    Donít zap me misshapen about him
    Your own city is what I was missing
    No I need another jet, put your vision on my head,
    Go red to me and youíll never see to me
    Blue on me and you made me
    White on that id kill the world I thought all of it
    And now Iím thinking that intentions are misleading
    Forget about all the note keeping your breeding
    Sinking deepening feeling fleeing seeing is believing if youíve never been singing
    But thinking Iím not drinking, Iím rather sinking
    But your head is in a ship how can you be thinking
    But donít forget what we were needing
    Buzz forgot how to spell rizzoudo
    Italionio misconstruado, te entiende que loco tu caboso
    Si lo sientio yo replico los sientos
    En dos dimensions existo y no esposo
    Recuerdo tu tiempo, negro blanco
    No muerte por tus hombros , ay loco
    Pero me gusta no ojos silencio por favor
    Me nueve hombre senoro Famoso te gusta
    Te amo lo gobrieno pero silencio
    Tu todos los mundos pero tu illuminados
    Todo el dia nueve mano y limbos
    Pero madama lizard tu y yo hijos
    Pero mi amigo y amiga camila
    Mishari me gusta tu amiga cansada
    Pero silencio tu entendre
    Nuevo para ella nada
    Que cansada
    No nuevo palabras, nuevo hit
    Tu hija I forget

    Only a check for my eyelids
    So, I can see brightness
    Donít forget my pilot
    You need more to buy all of it
    And go bye for all of it
    He needed a shoe to see himself wear it
    And ill be buddy for a nice guy
    But he shot himself in the head twice
    And need I remind you need to make it better every time
    And Iím ok for you to see why
    Your redness has become mine
    But Iíd rather stay on a diet all of the time
    Iíd die more for all of it
    But you do a better job of it
    If you thought I knew all of it
    They only make me forget or remind me of all of it
    But if you thought Iíd rule the world
    Id know all of it
    Till I became Zach and knew Josh was hiding all of it
    Because he was a pupil to know why all about it
    So say it all youíd like donít fight it
    Iíve said enough all my lifetimes to know all of it
    Id sell them all and close the whole world down
    A Texas ranger was a reminder of all of it
    But ill be fine on all of it
    I made your park need I remind you of all of it
    I had a whistle of a higher kind of it
    I might know why about it
    So, you can fly right through all of it
    If I was, she and he was him
    She thinks I would never sing to thee
    Fairy tale queen
    Id be the brown guy
    Shed look like him or her
    Id tell her all the jokes in the world
    And jester would have him ringing
    On a bell for the magician
    She might be in the worst position
    But I can be forgiven
    Or let it all fall into your arms
    One way on your pilot
    She might have more I know why all of it
    So its 24 years of age, a day keeps the doctor away
    Day forgot before I took him beyond his day
    Iím not what they all say
    Fly to L.A. anyday, Malibu baby gaga had another day
    Ash she may another dog back in its day
    Ill have you pay me three meals a day
    Id rather smoke weed everyday and you can repeat what they say
    We are on it all day Jada Pinkett had to think it, another soon for me
    But you can forget about him, you know what Iíd say
    Some fairy dust in my way whoís mistrust
    Iím not greater than the photographer forgot
    And you gave it to cat woman who Im not
    And yeah, I did all of your films
    Oh you fly on Cochise and he forgot
    That you were a three way
    Iím between heads all day
    Got a pistol on my hip
    But that is what they all say
    It does not mean you would do it anyway
    You do do it Iím sure you would
    But she would too they all do
    And you who knew who
    Dead presidents were gold on a wing
    30 points can be deceiving, so can business dealings
    Better for you to do it in my head
    Than in the real world
    I was a cactus not a tower, I know your not a flower
    But who are you all after?
    It is me against the other world Iím after
    And a new bishop had a rook as a gun
    But heís fine a dog in heaven whines
    Luna rose where are Kamalaís blinds
    And joe always whines he is like that inside
    Barry had two shoes online
    I play with them all the time
    But your golden eye on a chime
    I sell my soul just one more time
    For just a bit of my money Iím casual not too much in time but youíre a space
    Spacey was spaced out till he was on aces
    Its been a long way can you forget about all the faces, donít be too online or Iíll go to my hook and line.
    Who knew I was Stan a voice within reason
    She had a 5 on a transvestite within reason
    But I'll forget about last night or the night before that
    If a doll wasn't an artifact a hieroglyph you had
    You can be a man with no plan jumping to the next land

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