Feel kind of like a LilWayneHQ fossil. I haven't posted any music nor have I really been an active participant since 2013. What can I say? Life gets in the way sometimes. I hand full of recording sessions, 3 children and 6 years of OTR truck driving later, and I think we finally got something worth putting out. The long awaited sequel to The World Needs More Royce Vol 1.

1) Money Hungry (produced by John Qwest)
2) Rollacoastuh (produced by John Qwest)
3) Child Support (produced by John Qwest)
4) He's Broke But She's Winnin (produced by John Qwest)
5) Sweet Jones (produced by John Qwest)
6) Shinigami (produced by John Qwest)
7) 4 My Yunginz (produced by Dave Flair and Wink Bank)
LA Reid (produced by Book Em Da Beatgod)
9) Ladies Night 96 (the Dip cover)
10) Gettin Money (produced by Dave Laflair)
11) Dope (produced by Jeremy Voccia)


Additional Mixing and Mastering by: Moe Beats (R.I.P) tracks 7 and 10
Doug Jenkins from Imixand Master tracks 1,2,4 and 6
Sage Audio track 5 and 8
Phil of CyberTechniks Studio tracks 9 and 11
Jeremy Mixx track 3
Dollhouse Productions track 5