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Thread: Jer is broke and wants royalties for his number one song the elbow dance

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    working on song 33 its a toung

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    Jer is broke and wants royalties for his number one song the elbow dance

    He only paid me those point things honestly im feeding on bineral beats because all of the old music sucks im feeding off or something that song was what got me to ruin my whole life Im so insane lol you made a song about me when the rastifarian prophet jah worked during a writers strike for what you made a song about me working for you at a concert and made a song about it and it went number one in the world and i get my story told and the price of the tickets well your hearing about it cuz you did that to someone who is insane.
    for some dope ass music by myself Projectillogic check out

    i just released my 32nd song and am working on song 33 song as well as well as working on memorizing enough songs to do a concert. I'm a literal genius when it comes to making music and I'm dressed for success so check me out you won't be disappointed

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    So what your convaying is. Your beat making style and writing over your two mic style.. you feel jer site owes you something for it?

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