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Thread: yeah aight

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    I’m lookin’ for a
    bitch to get it on with like

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    yeah aight

    yea aight ima just rap fuck it
    this bitch keep asking me for shit
    ima alpha male give that ho a lot of dick
    keep sucking till u get sick yeah aight
    i get it in ya main ho thoart
    she never ask me to take my dick out nope
    no hope for you cause you broke yeah aight
    pass remote how i change these hoes itís like I change clothes
    o ho u like a nigga gold she see a nigga never fold yeah aight
    your bitch canít keep her legs closed
    yeah aight I dig her with my pole
    kick her out like my shoe sole
    playing golf how I fill her hole
    yeah aight my dick aight
    fucking today tomorrow and tonight
    yeah aight
    Talk Stupid Get Ya Head Popped
    I got that Esther bitch I'm red fox
    Big B's Red Sox I get money to kill time dead clocks
    You fuckin with a nigga who don't give a fuck
    Empty the clip then roll the window up
    Pussy Niggas sweet You niggas cinnabuns
    I'm in a red bitch she say she finna cum
    Two hundred thou on a chain I don't need a piece
    That Banana Clip let Chiquita Speak
    Dark shades EazyE
    Five letter YMCMB
    Bitch Ass Nigga Pussy Ass Nigga
    I see you lookin with your lookin ass nigga

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    intro [sample after the stars]

    I know BK got love (2)
    cause he show me (1)

    how to flip coin (3)
    onto two forks (4)
    and feed myself (5)

    add pause

    this a FREE BAR. cause i resepct this guy! no more fucking mother fucking free bars serious! now how i gotta layer this fuckers! 5 lines dude, fuck stop stealing my fucking bars!

    never again!!!! on my life!!

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