Boyz 2 Menace Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne (Feat Gudda Gudda)
EP: Dedication 6
Year: 2017

[Intro – Gudda Gudda]
Take that shit off at the front

[Verse 1 – Gudda Gudda]
Sleep on me, I hope you die in your sleep
No one’s defiant as me
I know my worth, so when you pay me
Just know that I am not cheap
On the road to riches
Tappin’ my horn, so watch for the beep
Rippin’ this shit to pieces
No, I will not look out for the beat
Started out on the block
Got on my feet and rose to the top
I’m the cleanup man with the mop
50 shots disfigured his top, yes
I come from the city of God
I walk around in the city like God
Made it out and still come back
Somebody, please tell me, what are the odds?
On this mic I am a wizard, but this is not Oz
Cold but hot, I can turn the summer to fall
I’m sicker than y’all
Don’t talk to me unless you talkin’ ’bout paper
I’m buyin’ some makers, no time for a neighbor
I’m from New Orleans, yes, I am a gator
I’ll do you a favor and not do you a favor
Cause if I do you a favor
And you don’t come back with that paper
I’mma have to lay hands on you like I’m givin’ you prayer
Eastside, we ain’t playin’ it fair
You ever heard of the tortoise and hare?
I’m switchin’ the gear
Started off in the back bitch
But now I’m winnin’, it’s clear
Nigga, I’m here

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
For real
I got my married hoes on single drugs
Got my fattest hoes gettin’ finger fucked
And my trashiest hoes is clean as fuck
And my nastiest hoes is neat as fuck
Take your shoes off before you walk inside
Take your shoes off before you cross the line
I snoozed off on Father Time
Got my goons to go kidnap Daughter Time
Come to wet the party up, and whoever in it
Got one gun that shoot for seven minutes
I’m done shitting, niggas never spit it
I’m high class, niggas is elementary
Repetition, that’s the definition
I’m a Hot Boy under air conditionin’
Shoot the gun with the left arm limpin’
George Jefferson in all seven minutes
Got a hot girl off television
With a very sticky unhairy kitty
In the right position, screamin’: “you’re consistent”
I sit there and listen like we talkin’ business
I don’t need her out here filmin’ niggas
I’d really rather have her steal from niggas
I really travel like a pilgrim nigga
Kush loud as Fred screamin’: “Wilma” nigga
I’ve been takin’ time out to count the bands
Break a promise in the promised land
Going zagga zow off of zagga xans
From the middleman to the Macho Man
I’ve been talkin’ shit up in Diddy house
Went to Disneyland, talked to Mickey Mouse
Then I figured out how to figure out
What I was figurin’ out, you figure it out
Got a trigger man with an extra hand
My bitches sleep at my bitch’s house
So every party is a slumber party
Sky is the limit, head in the clouds
While you runnin’ round, I’mma run it up
You dumb it down, I ain’t dumb enough
I hit the courtroom and stunk it up
High comin’ down, plug comin’ up
You gon’ hold me down, you gon’ hold me up
You don’t know me, but you know what’s up
And the coke was cut with some extra coke
Showed her more than love, she just shoulder-shrugged
She don’t know it’s love, it’s not important love
As long as we can keep extortin’ the plug
Just let him bleed and ignore the blood
Just let him be and ignore the buzz
Pour it up, catch a sugar rush
Chopper full of rust, but it still bust
Bust good as fuck, every bullet struck
Like a hundred holes, got a hole-in-one
Safe full as fuck, money full of dust
And I’m pulling off in that “what the fuck?”
That’s a muscle car, got me lookin’ buff
If you look enough, you a mussel, punk
That’s a Bugatti on steroids
Bugatti on Chevron
All-white like an Altoid
All these rings on, call me bellboy
From the Teflon to the Kevlar
Don’t mean shit when your head off
Make the Top Dog jump dead off
Then we keep his head for a memoir
I sped off with the head off
Goin’ big Bruno on Mars
Sippin’ Lone Star
Turn a porn star to a known star
With a phone call, hold up
Murky-murky water, yeah
Purple-purple rivers, yeah
Floatin’ purple ribbons, yeah
I’m cursed, but still religious, damn
I’ve been poppin’ 10s, yeah
Cause my bitch pop all the 20s, damn
Why you hatin’ on the skinnys? Damn
I met Satan, he was chillin’, hold up

[Outro – Lil Wayne]
Murky-murky water
Purple-purple rivers
Floatin’ purple ribbons
I’m cursed, but still religious, damn
Take your clothes off, bitch
Call your road dog, bitch
I feel like O-Dog, bitch
Boyz 2 Menace

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