My Dawg Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne (Feat HoodyBaby)
EP: Dedication 6
Year: 2017

[Intro – HoodyBaby]
That’s my dawg for sure
That’s my dawg
We pullin’ up in the Rolls
Me and my dawg, me and my dawg
To get all my dawgs back, I’d give up all you hoes
To get all my dawgs back, I’d give up all you hoes

[Verse 1 – HoodyBaby]
HoodyBaby really, really rich
HoodyBaby pull up with the clique
Hoody crippin’, rollin’ with the six
Now I’m in a ‘Rari bumpin’ Nip
Black and yellow bitches on my stick
Black and yellow, treat me like I’m Wiz
Hustle in Atlanta like I’m TIP
College bitch, tweakin’ for my dick
Hit her college park like I’m Tit
I want turkey pasta with the shrimp
That ain’t have shit to do with this
30 bitches tellin’ me I’m the shit
Juice man, screamin’ 32
Juice man, screamin’ 32
O.J. know my number’s 36
Diamonds crip walkin’ on my chest
Sent a package right to Bouldercrest
I heard y’all boys sippin’ Quali, y’all some qualiticians
Yeah we politic, but fuck a politician
You be smokin’ Bobby Brown, new edition

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Run off with your bitch, she change her number
Run into another bitch and fumble
Money talkin’ more than Bryant Gumbel
Too much shit on my mind, I need a plumber
Made love to a whore and changed my number
Pull up on a boat like I’m Columbus
Tongue all in her throat, all in her tunnel
Pussy monster, I’mma need a muzzle
Wake up Sunday night and go to LIV
A bitch back at the crib tryna live
A pool in the back, I let her swim
I give her phone back and let her film
Free will like the goodwill
She real thick, waist real lil’
Weed real bright, it look teal
Coke real white, it look clear
0 to 100 to a mill’
From nothin’ to somethin’, to a big deal
Got to keep it trill in the field
I ain’t Cash Money no more
And I put some carats on my bitch wrist
Put some carats on my bitch fist
Put some carats in my bitch ears
I came fast, money let’s go
And my heart goes out to Vegas, keep it real
I just met some strippers on the strip
Flew ’em to Miami, take a trip
Flew ’em back to Vegas with some gifts
That’s just how it is, is, is
Ain’t trickin’ if you got it, nigga rich
I feel like Satan, nigga lit
Dedication 6-6-6
G-Wagon on six wheels
They in they feelin’s, fuck how niggas feel
Coke in the car, I’m in a snowmobile
I’m sippin’ that Evander Holyseal
This is that codeine overkill
My mud colder than Soldier Field
In love, but all these hoes is weird
These hair triggers, I might grow a beard
Brazy, yeah, but you know the drill
I’m way up there, you right over here
Have you ever seen the light hit my grill?
I stand there and smile in the mirror
Snap my fingers, dollars appear
Out of nowhere and I don’t do Ls
And I married the Mob when I was like twelve
Turned out well like Tom and Giselle
Ain’t readin’ texts cause I’m readin’ checks
I don’t text cause that is finger sex
Then I’m turnin’ off my ringer next
Airplane mode, no I’mma need a jet
I’m dope, babe I need a needle set
Chains rock it, can’t see the neck
Pockets crowded like the Beatles set
I drop it off and gave Ms. Cita that
Whip milky and I sip filthy
I sip this shit just like it’s healthy
Who spilt it? Wait, my bitch guilty?
Uber, Uber; she’ll be missed dearly
Sincerely, yeah it’s yours truly
Call me Tune, the hoes call me Tunechi
Rockin’ Louis while the pot brewin’
With a Chinese bitch that look like thot Suey
Told the straight hoes I’m taken
Told the gay hoes I’m vacant
Took some diamonds out her old bracelet
Put ’em on the quotes in my statements
I’m a born slanger, a born slanger
One more time, I’m a born slanger
Draco like a volcano
You can fuck around and get your star spangled
Barbaric, yeah your bitch starin’
I look very good, good very
It ain’t all about the werewolf, it’s all about what the wolf wearin’
You a popped cherry, yeah a Cherry Bomb
We everywhere like the Marriott
Shots sprayed like Malaria
Hit your head like a Triceratops

[Outro – Lil Wayne]
For my dawg, I’ll kill you and your hoe
Yeah, me and my dawg, we put another on the road
Hold up, my female dawg, she ’bout to put on a show
But to get my dawg back, I’d give up all of these hoes
6 shit

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