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Lil Wayne Da Playground Style

In October, 2011, Lil Wayne took part in a skateboarding session with Stevie Williams and 4-year-old Jacob Christopher at Da Playground skate park in Atlanta, Georgia. You can view more information about the clothes and accessories Weezy was wearing below:

Lil Wayne Da Playground Clothes List

Where to find the items:

1. Black “Big S” Society Fitted Hat
Brand: 59fifty
Price: $20.00
Purchase: Sold Out
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2. White Polo Tank Top x3
Brand: Ralph Lauren
Price: $38.50
Purchase: Ralph Lauren

3. White Polo Crew-Neck T-Shirt x3
Brand: Ralph Lauren
Price: $38.00
Purchase: Dillards

4. Red G-Shock “Rescue Concept” 7900 Watch
Brand: Casio
Price: $77.00
Purchase: Amazon

5. Black 5 Strike Fleece Sweatpants
Brand: Undefeated
Price: $49.00
Purchase: Wish
Note: Lil Wayne cut the sweatpants into shorts.

6. Boneless High Socks
Brand: Stance
Price: $12.00
Purchase: Stance

7. Black & White Court Vulc Sneakers
Brand: DC Shoes
Price: $35.95
Purchase: The House

Lil Wayne Da Playground Style

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