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MSNBC Quote Lil Wayne Lyrics To Attack Donald Trump [Video]

MSNBC Quote Lil Wayne Lyrics To Attack Donald Trump

American journalist Ari Melber recently quoted Lil Wayne to attack the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his greed on MSNBC.

The MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent referenced Weezy‘s lyrics from his “I’m On One” verse: “Too much money ain’t enough money”.

You can check out Ari quoting Tunechi on MSNBC in a clip after the jump below! Pretty cool right?

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Lil Wayne’s Skateboarding Crew Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

A police report filed in Miami last week accuses Lil Wayne‘s entourage pushing a photographer to the ground in the rain, spitting in his face and smashing his bicycle up with skateboards! This was because the photographer spotted Weezy and his crew skating outside a church that had a “no skateboarding” sign and decided to take some photos of them.

Wayne didn’t like the attention he was getting from the photographer, who had called him a “nobody”, so he sent his 8-men-entourage to take the photographer’s camera and make him delete several of the pictures he took. This is then when the men started pushing the photographer to the ground, beating the crap out of his bicycle and spitting in his face.

You can read what TMZ reported, some pics of Tunechi and his entourage skating, and a video that catches Tune not being liked called a “nobody” all after the jump below.

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