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Lil Wayne Interview With DJ Drama, Gives Dedication 4 Release Date & More

Lil Wayne just called into DJ Drama‘s Hot 107.9 radio show to talk about his upcoming mixtape, Dedication 4. Wayne said he will release the tape on August 15th and named three instrumentals that he has already rapped over, which are “Burn“, “Cashin’ Out” and “I Don’t Like“!

They also talked about Tune‘s own three favorite mixtapes (SQ6, Dedication 2 and No Ceilings), explained what “Mixtape Weezy” means to himself, the criticism Dedication 3 received, the success of his Young Money artists Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga, says he will be attending the 2012 MTV VMAs this year, 2 Chainz, the 2012 Olympics, skateboarding, B.G.’s jail sentence, says the rumors about J. Prince Jr. suing YM about Drake are false, and more.

“Shout out Nicki ass”


Lil Wayne Interview With MTV’s “The Seven” From Rikers Island

MTV aired a new show today titled “The Seven” and Lil Wayne called in to speak on his I Am Not A Human Being album, fan mail and what the first thing he wants to do when he is released from prison is. After the jump, you can watch Drake speak with Weezy on the same show which was a surprise to him. It’s good to hear Wayne jokin’ around with Drizzy, FREE WEEZY ❗ Props YAF.

PS: Eminem’s “No Love” music video featuring Lil Wayne will be dropping this week.

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Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Says His Daughter Calls Him Daily

Lil Waynes Ex-Wife Says His Daughter Calls Him Daily

Lil Wayne‘s ex-wife, Toya speaks to HoneyMag about what she has learned from her past-relationship with Wayne, how she and their daughter, Reginae feel about Wayne in prison, and how they keep in touch regularly.

Toya, what have you’ve learned from your relationship with Lil Wayne?
I learned a lot. I watched Wayne go into different phases. Each phase I learned something new. As far as his love for women; he’s not really a one woman man. I had to deal with that. I am kind of happy because he made me stronger. No BS. I learned a lot from being Lil Wayne’s wife. As long as I’ve held grudges I’ve learned to let it go.

Lil Wayne is incarcerated right now. What are your thoughts on that? How are you feeling?
No one wants to see anyone in jail, especially their kids’ father and husband. Wayne and I have a great relationship. That’s just not anywhere that I want to see him. He’s never not been accessible. As long as we’ve been talking or dating I’ve never not been able to pick up the phone and call him no matter what is going on in my life. Now he’s locked up and it’s not like that anymore. As far as my daughter, her and her father have a great relationship. She talks to him every day after school. She can still talk to him but now it’s on a schedule with calls. It’s going to be a change for these 8 months.

Did you call on Tiny to help you deal with your feelings? She went through the same thing with T.I.
Tiny has been very supportive. From watching her situation with Tip and with me being there for her, she just talked to me telling me to write him, go visit him, help him get through this. That’s what they need; letters and pictures and visits to help them make the time go by faster. That makes it easier on the baby, everybody. I had my daughter write her first letter yesterday.

How is Reginae dealing with the whole situation?
She’s saddened by the whole situation but we talk to her about it. Her dad talks to her. When he was going back and forth to court, we were all there: me, his other baby mamas, and the kids. Just being there for him, supporting him. This last time we didn’t go because it was so back and forth. We’d get there and he doesn’t go to jail. So this last time I didn’t let my daughter go because she was just up and down. It was like an emotional roller coaster for her. She was like, ‘I just wish I could have seen my dad.’

Also, season 2 of Tiny‘s and Toya‘s reality TV show will be premiering on April 13th at 10PM on BET. Do you want LilWayneHQ to start posting each episode on here when they air, or not ❓ Leave a comment below letting us know.


Leona Lewis Gushes Over Lil Wayne

Leona Lewis was caught by surprise when she unexpectedly received a call from Lil Wayne asking her to perform with him at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. She reflects back on the memory and her lasting impressions of the Cash Money bad boy.

The “Happy” singer, whose new album Echo was released this week, told Rap-Up.com that their collaboration on the Nina Simone-sampled “DontGetIt” from Tha Carter III came together at the last minute.

“It was really fun. I just remember him calling up and saying, ‘Uhh, can Leona sing on the song?’ And I was like, ‘That’s so random, like, Lil Wayne. Does he even know who I am?’” she laughed. “What could Lil Wayne and I possibly collaborate on, seriously? They played me the song the day before I was supposed to do it and I was like, ‘Hmm, I’m not going to be able to learn it.’ Then I heard it was a Nina Simone sample and I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh. This is amazing.’ So I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll definitely be involved.’”

Lewis got the chance to chat with Weezy offstage and was impressed by the rapper’s manners. “He’s all about that Southern hospitality and politeness, ‘thank you, ma’am,’ and all that. He’s so sweet.”

Via Rap-Up – Also on the performance, Weezy performed Drake’s verse from “Money To Blow“.


Dumbass Calls 911 For Police Escort To Meet Lil Wayne [Audio]

I just had to post this 😆

PS: The video is about 3 mins 53 secs long, but the phone call actually finishes at around 1 min 55 seconds 😉