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Miami Police Officers Raid Lil Wayne’s Mansion & Seize $2 Million Worth Of Property

Miami Police Officers Raid Lil Wayne Mansion & Seize 2 Million Dollars Worth Of Property

Yesterday, the Miami Beach police raided Lil Wayne‘s mansion in the city to take certain assets that they think make up the $2 million bill he owes to Signature Group (a private jet leasing company), which a judge had ordered Wayne to pay after losing a lawsuit to them back in September and still hadn’t paid them.

According to TMZ, the security at Weezy‘s house (as he was in another city yesterday doing a club appearance) would not let the officers inside the house at first. However, they had a warrant from the court that allows them to break the locks if needed to gain entry and seize any property they want.

The police ended up taking several pieces of expensive art and plaques that Tunechi had hanging on his walls to make up the $2 million amount. Officers had also brought a person into the crib to value all of the art that Tune had, which was so called worth up to $30 million.

You can check out a news report video of the raid going down after the jump below, as well as also read Mr. Carter‘s response to it all!

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Lil Wayne Goes Skating In His House & On His Roof [Video]

Lil Wayne Goes Skating In His House & On His Roof

Similar to last night how Lil Wayne tweeted out a video of him skateboarding in the studio, Wayne has done the same today, but this time it’s a clip of him skating at his house.

Weezy can be seen showing off his skateboarding skills on his roof and inside his crib, but unlike last night, we don’t hear any new music being played in the background.

You can check out the new footage of Tunechi skating after the jump below! The password to watch the video if it says it’s private is “tune“.

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Episode 1 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Episode 1 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

Cortez Bryant warned us earlier this month that we would be getting new footage of Lil Wayne every week for a series called “Weezy Wednesday’s“.

The first episode has been released and it shows you a behind the scenes look at Tunechi‘s crib in New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as his TRUKFIT photo shoot at the TRUKSTOP. He also shows you his bedroom, what items he uses daily in his house, and promotes his new “Gummy” line of watches with Wize & Ope.

You can watch episode 1 of “Weezy Wednesday’s” below. Check back to LilWayneHQ.com next week to watch episode 2!

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Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne’s Holiday Photo Shoot With TRUKFIT [Video]

Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne Holiday Photo Shoot With TRUKFIT

I previously posted behind the scenes photos earlier this month, now here is some behind the scenes footage from Lil Wayne‘s latest photo shoot for his clothing line TRUKFIT.

You can watch the clip, which was filmed at Weezy F Baby‘s indoor skatepark inside his house in Miami, after the jump below!

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On Set Of Lil Wayne’s TRUKFIT Photo Shoot At Two Skateparks [Pictures]

On Set Of Lil Wayne TRUKFIT Photo Shoot At Two Skateparks

Lil Wayne recently took part in a holiday photo shoot for his TRUKFIT clothing line, which was being photographed by Atiba Jefferson. The shoot took place at Tunechi‘s indoor skatepark at his crib, as well as the skatepark at Grand Central Park in downtown Miami, Florida.

Below, you can view a few more behind the scenes photos of Weezy F Baby on set that were took by Marisa Flores and Cortez Bryant!

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Lil Wayne Performs “Hello” & “Bitches Love Me” At Paris Hilton’s Birthday Party [Video]

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne performing “Hello” and “Bitches Love Me” live at Paris Hilton‘s 32nd birthday party. The birthday bash took place at Paris‘ crib in Los Angeles, California on March 2nd.

Click here to view a few photos of Weezy F Baby at the party!