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Video: Nardwuar Interviews Lil Wayne In Canada

Nardwuar interviewed Lil Wayne after his show in Vancouver, Canada on April 27th, which you can view in the video above. They talk about Cheech and Chong, him and Steve Nash both getting lap dances from Nicki Minaj, Nirvana, Pimp Daddy, his first rap name being Shrimp Daddy, Odyssey Records, Gregory D, bling, MC Thick, the importance of the “Triggaman” beat, Rap Snacks, and plenty more! This interview was hilarious and if you didn’t check out Drake’s interview with Nardwuar, then you can watch that here!

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, what type of food do you like ❓
Lil Wayne: pussy.


Trina – Currency (Feat Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)

Trina Currency Feat Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

Here’s a new record from Trina featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross called “Currency“. This track is of Trina‘s Amazin’ album which is set to drop 4th May. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Trina – Currency (Feat Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)

Single Again” or “Currency” ❓ Which song do y’all prefer ❓


Lil Wayne – Money On My Mind (Unreleased Music Video)

Here is the unreleased music video for the song, “Money On My Mind“, by Lil Wayne from Tha Carter II. You could see a short clip of the music video at the very end of the “Hustler Musik” music video. This was a Jordan Towers Films production, and also the video shows an interesting clip of Wayne holding 50 Cent‘s book and looking into the camera laughing.

Props to WSHH

Also, in a recent interview with KY (Young Money’s engineer), KY stated that Wayne had 20 tracks done for Tha Carter IV. Could we be getting the album sooner that we expected?