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Juelz Santana Says Him & Lil Wayne Have “Started Working On That Shit” & Want Drake On It [Video]

Juelz Santana Says Him & Lil Wayne Have Started Working On That Shit & Want Drake On It

It looks like Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana could have started back working on their collaboration project, I Can’t Feel My Face.

While backstage during Spotify’s Rap Caviar Live Showcase at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City last night, Juelz was spotted on FaceTime to Drake and asked him to send a song over for his and Weezy‘s upcoming joint project:

Juelz: “Yo nigga Weezy gon’ call you, you know we started working on that shit, you gotta jump on something for us man. Send us something man.”
Drake: “Mack told me, Mack told me you were cooking up some shit.”
Juelz: “Yeah send us one.”
Drake: “I got some joints, I got some joints.”
Juelz: “That’s wassup, you know we fuck with you boy.”
Drake: “I’ll send it over tonight man.”
Juelz: “Yeah for sure, love.”

You can watch the conversation in a clip after the jump below! Who is excited to hear Tunechi and Santana are back working together on music?

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STREETRUNNER Talks Being Sued Over “Playing With Fire”, Leaked Lil Wayne Songs, “I Can’t Feel My Face” & More

STREETRUNNER Talks Being Sued Over Playing With Fire, Leaked Lil Wayne Songs, I Cant Feel My Face & More

Kyle Kramer from Noisey chopped it up with STREETRUNNER earlier this month to chat with him about releasing the remastered versions of leaked Lil Wayne songs from 2006-2007 and how he thinks they were leaked in the first place.

The producer also talked talked about getting sued for “Playing With Fire” that ended up in the track being removed from Tha Carter III, the first time he met Tunechi at The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, if Tune has changed as a person over the years, and wanting to release a Greatest Hits album of all the leaked Wayne songs.

STREETRUNNER even discussed producing Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana‘s “1 Arm“, what he remembers about the I Can’t Feel My Face era, personally wanting to hear the project over Rebirth, his reaction to first hearing Weezy was going to record a rock album, and more!

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Juelz Santana Talks “After Disaster”, Unreleased Music With Lil Wayne, “I Can’t Feel My Face” & More [Video]

Juelz Santana Talks After Disaster, Unreleased Music With Lil Wayne, I Cant Feel My Face & More

Juelz Santana recently sat down for a live interview with Complex on their “The Music Show”. Around the 23:00 mark, Juelz recalled the story of when the police raided his studio and took his hard drive. He says there was about 100 unreleased songs erased from the hard drive when he finally got it back including 20 collaborations with Lil Wayne as they must of recorded about 60.

“When the police raided my studio, I had about 100 records. I had my hard drive back I had nothing. Shit was erased. I think I got a couple more records left for Wayne we didn’t put out from that time but a lot of records were on that hard drive.”

Santana did mention that Tunechi may still have the tracks on his hard drive, because they worked back and forth by sending each other verses. He even mentioned that him and Tune are still close like brothers and if they really wanted to, they could release a joint project right now.

Before the conversation wrapped up, Juelz even spoke a little bit about his and Weezy‘s “After Disaster” collabo and revealed that their I Can’t Feel My Face project never dropped, because back in the days there was just too many politics with labels. For a little bit of hope, he says there aren’t that many label politics anymore if they did want to drop ICFMF.

You can watch the full interview after the jump below. Santana also told a story about Lil Wayne to show just how much of a real rapper he is and how crazy his work ethic is. This story was on the night after finding out his Tha Carter III album had gone Platinum in one week, Juelz sent him 3 songs and Wayne sent them all back on the same night!

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Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana – 1 Arm [Mastered]

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana 1 Arm CDQ

Just like with “That’s Not Luv” in July, “Pray To The Lord” in June, “RappaPomPom” in May, “Do It Again” in April, “Let’s Talk It Over” in March, “Trouble” in February and “Cry Out (Amen)” in January, STREETRUNNER has released another mastered version of one of the older Lil Wayne tracks he co-produced with Infamous.

The song that the producer has chosen to release today for #ThrowbackThursday is “1 Arm” featuring Juelz Santana and DannyBoyStylesXO (the rock vocals). It was created back in 2006 making it 10-years-old and now thanks to STREETRUNNER, we can listen to this great record in CDQ.

You can check out the mastered version of Tunechi and Santana‘s “1 Arm” after the jump below. There’s also a very high chance that this track was recorded for the I Can’t Feel My Face collaboration project!

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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Talks “I Can’t Feel My Face”, Curren$y, Mixtapes & More On Set Of “Black Republicans” [Video]

Lil Wayne Talks I Cant Feel My Face, Currensy, Mixtapes & More On Set Of Black Republicans Video

For #ThrowbackThursday, Jordan Tower Films have released a rare interview they did with Lil Wayne while on set of his “Black Republicans” video shoot with Juelz Santana back in 2007.

During their conversation, Weezy spoke on the I Can’t Feel My Face collaboration project with Juelz, his Young Money artist at the time Curren$y, mixtapes, and more.

The interview, which you can check out after the jump below, was recorded for The Come Up DVD Volume 17!

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Juelz Santana Hits Up The Studio With Lil Wayne After His Show In New York

Juelz Santana Hits Up The Studio With Lil Wayne After A Show In New York

After the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour made a stop in Forest Hills, New York on August 19th, Juelz Santana and Wayne hit up a studio to work on new music. Santana uploaded the photo above with the following caption:

“#LastNight #Studio #YallNiggaZKnowUs”

Weezy normally takes photos with people backstage at the shows, but as you can see in the background of this pic, him and Juelz were in an actual studio. I wonder if they were working on that I Can’t Feel My Face collaboration project?