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Lil Wayne’s “Drop The World” Single Featuring Eminem Goes Quadruple Platinum!

Lil Wayne Drop The World Single Featuring Eminem Goes Quadruple Platinum

According to the RIAA, Lil Wayne‘s “Drop The World” single featuring Eminem was certified quadruple Platinum last month on April 10th.

This means that the Rebirth cut has been purchased over 4 million times since being released just over four years ago at the very end of 2009.

Congratulations to both Weezy and Shady on this great accomplishment! Click here to read the lyrics for “Drop The World“!


Jonathan Mannion Speaks On Shooting Lil Wayne’s Photo Shoots For His Albums

Jonathan Mannion Speaks On Shooting Photo Shoots For Lil Wayne Albums

Photographer Jonathan Mannion recently spoke to Complex about shooting the photo shoots for Lil Wayne‘s albums, which you can read after the jump below.

During the interview, Jonathan discussed building a relationship with Cash Money and a young Wayne at the time, shooting Tha Carter II shoot in Weezy‘s hometown New Orleans with a Phantom that he had just bought for himself, why Rebirth is one of his favorite album covers, and remembers the story of how Tha Carter III photo shoot went down.

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Lil Wayne Has Already Recorded 12 Songs For His Upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II Album

Last month, Mack Maine told us Lil Wayne is working on and plans to release a sequel to his rock album, Rebirth. Now, the Young Money President tells MTV that Tunechi is working on an I Am Not A Human Being album sequel and says Weezy is already 12 songs in.

“He’s, like, 12 songs in, and he went crazy. He went left. He’s in Martian land right now,” Mack said of I Am Not a Human Being 2.

According to the YM prez, each separate album franchise allows Wayne the chance to showcase different artistic sides. “He gets to show his rock side, he gets to show his gangsta side and talk to the women on one side,” Mack said of the Rebirth and Carter series, respectively. “On I Am Not a Human Being, he is definitely showing some weirdo, left-brain, I’m-not-from-here type side. He can say what he wants. There are no boundaries, there are no limits.”

However diverse he may be in the booth, when Wayne performs live, he is able to pool all his collective talents together — as well as their respective fans. “He captures all those different audiences, and then at a concert or a show, you bring all those different people together,” Mack explained. “You bring your Rebirth rock people, you bring your Carter people, and you bring your I Am Not a Human Being crowd, and you have a great show. That’s why we sell out arenas every night.”


Lil Wayne Back Working On Collabo Album With Juelz Santana

Lil Wayne Back Working On Collabo Album With Juelz Santana

According to Mack Maine, Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana are back working on their collabo album called I Can’t Feel My Face. We were supposed to get the collaboration album years ago, but they kept pushing back on releasing it because of “label politics”.

“The next project he’s working on is I Can’t Feel My Face with Juelz Santana,” Maine told XXLMag.com over the phone. “Elz is talented man. He’s a young legend. Wayne’s back working in the studio. He has that and the Young Money album.”

Mack also told XXL that we would get I Can’t Feel My Face before this year ends, along with another YMCMB compilation. He also mentioned that Weezy will be releasing another two Carter albums (Tha Carter V and Tha Carter VI), as well as a sequel to Rebirth sometime in his music career.


Lil Wayne Announces Plans For “Rebirth” Clothing Line x Tha Carter IV Is In ‘Final Stages’

Lil Wayne Announces Plans For Rebirth Clothing Line x Tha Carter IV Is In Final Stages

Lil Wayne is getting ready to start his own clothing line, which will be called Rebirth, the same title of his experimental 2010 album. Weezy told XXL Magazine in their July/August 2011 issue that is available on newsstands now, he wants to jump into the fashion business:

“I just figure that I… I’m funky,” he explained. “I got that from my stylist, Marisa. I’m funky, like she say. I wear a whole buncha items at one time, you know what I mean? I be figuring you at least want one of them items. Like, ‘Damn, I’d love to have that safety pin he got on,’ you know what I mean? Anything. I got on these types of shoes, these shorts, this sweater… A year from now, I want all these items to be mine. Rebirth. I want—I just figure people want to be funky like me, so I got my clothing line.”

Hit the jump to hear what Cortez Bryant recently told Billboard about Tunechi‘s Tha Carter IV album, hitting stores on August 29th!

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