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Video: Lil Wayne Says New Single “How To Love” Gives Him Goose Bumps x More

Above, Lil Wayne speaks about his new single “How To Love” with Sway when the two sat down after the taping of Weezy‘s upcoming Unplugged special.

“I can tell you that I’ve never had a single like it, and it’s an amazing song. It’s an amazing song. When I listen to it I get goose bumps,” Weezy said. “And I feel like the song is gonna take me somewhere that I’ve never been musically.”

Tunechi, who recently extended his I Am Still Music Tour through September, is looking to diversify his live show, and “How to Love” would help him do that. “You know that if you come to a Lil Wayne show two years from now, you already know that ‘I’m gonna get rap — some of the best rap — I’m gonna get some guitar, I’m gonna get some singin’, I’m gonna get some dancin’, I’m gonna get some old-school music, and I’m goin’ to a show tonight.’ And I think that’s where this song is directing me to.”

For Birdman Jr., rap just isn’t enough anymore. “I am a musician, and a few years back, I noticed that I wasn’t just a rapper. And I noticed that I didn’t want to do this just to rap,” he said before clarifying his point. “I do want to go down as one of the greatest rappers of all time, but I also want to go down as one of the greatest musicians of all time.

“When you think about it, Tupac is just known as a great rapper; Biggie is just known as a great rapper, Jay-Z — just known as a great rapper,” he continued. “I want to be known as that rapper that turned it all the way up and became the face of the music.”

Actually, Wayne looks to epitomize the word one day. “When they make a billboard and put whoever they gonna put up there to define the word ‘music,’ I wanna be there.” – MTV

After the jump, you can watch videos of Detail speak on producing “How To Love” (says Weezy recorded the song in November 2010), Rick Ross chat about his great relationship with Lil Wayne and the John” single, and Birdman talk about Tune‘s Tha Carter IV album (says he thinks it will be one of the best albums in history).

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Video: Lil Wayne Speaks About Shooting “John” With Colin Tilley

Tunechi sits down with Sway of MTV to speak about shooting his John (If I Die Today)” music video with director Colin Tilley.

“When I shot the ‘Look at Me Now’ video, I was envious,” Lil Tunechi admitted to Sway in an exclusive sit-down with MTV News. “I was mad that I was on a video that was that damn good and it wasn’t mine.”

The Chris Brown video, which featured both Weezy and Busta Rhymes, immediately sparked the interest of the Young Money CEO. “When I looked around and noticed that I was standing on top of an ambulance and they had somebody doing doughnuts on a motor bike. They had another dude on a skateboard doin’ tricks, they had people around a bonfire, they had people dancin’, everybody was dressed cool. Busta and Chris up here, Chris doin’ moves with his body that I didn’t even know that your body could do,” Wayne recalled. “I looked around when he said, ‘Action.’ All that went on during action. All that I just named; all that went on during one single action.”

Weezy F. was so impressed that when it was time to shoot “John,” he brought Tilley into the fold.

“When I first talked to Wayne about the video, we had just done the ‘Look at Me Now’ video,” Tilley told MTV News earlier this month. “And he really liked the whole feel of that video, how there was just so much goin’ on and just the whole energy and colors and all that. That’s pretty much what they gave me when they gave me the song. They were like, ‘We just love that energy and we want that whole vibe from it.'”


Jim Jonsin Speaks On Possible Tha Carter IV Single x More

Jim Jonsin Speaks On Possible Tha Carter IV Single

Rap-Up spoke to producer Jim Jonsin, who produced “Lollipop“, recently about a record he produced for Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album, due out June 21. Jim says the song could possibly be titled “Blows My Brains” or “She’s Always In My Head“, and it could be the next single from the album. He also says Pitbull helped with the record, but I’m pretty sure Weezy won’t keep him on the final version.

“It’s got similarities to ‘Lollipop’… it’s just a little slower and it has similar sounds in it, so people may relate it to the step-brother of ‘Lollipop.’ It’s also got completely different melodies and chords. Pitbull help me write the song… he has a verse and he did like a B-section on there, but I’m not sure if Wayne and Pit have agreed to keep him on there or what”

After the jump, you can watch a sneak peak of Jennifer Lopez‘ “I’m Into You” music video featuring Wayne, and also download the mastered version of Young Jeezy‘s “Ballin’” track featuring Tune, which has a few changes.

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Paris Hilton Discusses Jail With Lil Wayne For Interview Magazine

Paris Hilton Speaks To Lil Wayne For Interview Magazine About Jail

In the April issue of Interview Magazine, the bad boy rapper and party-girl hotel heiress bonded over their love for music, Miami clubs, and freedom (both served time behind bars in recent years).

Hilton took a break from filming her upcoming reality show in L.A. to interview Wayne in Miami, via phone. What broke the ice for the two fast-living mega-stars? Chatting about jail, of course.

“For me it was okay because it just meant that I was alone with my thoughts,” said Wayne of his one-month stint in solitary confinement, after being caught with an iPod at Rikers Island last year.

“There were times when it was pretty tough to be by yourself, and to have no television, no sort of nothing…I was okay. I did fine,” said Wayne, who released an album in jail.

Hilton, who served 23 days in prison in 2007 after violating her probation for repeatedly driving on a suspended license and ignoring court orders, empathized.

“I know how you feel,” said the 30-year-old socialite. “It’s the best feeling in the world when you come out.”

Hilton and Wayne are currently each working on their music careers. They even exchanged phone numbers for a future collaboration.

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Tech N9ne Speaks On Working With Lil Wayne

Tech N9ne Speaks On Working With Lil Wayne

Complex spoke to Tech N9ne about what it was like working with Lil Wayne in the studio, and what we can be looking forward to from the rappers collaborating:

On working with Lil Wayne on a song for Tha Carter IV

“It was really enjoyable to see Wayne like what I do. I went down to Miami at their studio The Hit Factory. I got there late the first night, like at one. They got there at 12. I started writing it around one. Fell asleep at 2:30, left the studio, and said, ‘Yo, I’ve got to come back the next day.’ And then we came back the next night and I got to the studio and recorded it before they returned to the studio. So by the time he got to the studio, we already had it recorded with his engineer Mike Banger. So he got to hear it and he really enjoyed it—he listened to it like three times. He saluted me and everything. It was a beautiful feeling man. We did one song for Tha Carter IV and he’s doing one for my album. I mean, I can’t really describe the song we did, but it’s MCing, rapping. Just going. You know how he was doing ‘A Milli’ and it was just rapping? Boom. That’s what we did. We brought our MCs to the table. Rapping, motherfucker. We don’t have to have no certain subject, we were just going. I have no idea who produced the track. He didn’t even know.

So it looks like Tune will be on Tech‘s album (the song will be called “Fuck Food“), and Weezy will have a verse from Tech on Tha Carter IV.