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Videos: Lil Wayne Performs On The “I’m Still Music” Tour In Baltimore

Lil Wayne entrance + performing “I’m Goin’ In”

It’s been a quiet day today, so I thought I’d get some of the best footage from YouTube of Lil Wayne performing at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland for part of his “I’m Still Music” tour on March 20th. You can view some photos from Sunday’s show in Maryland here, and Tunechi Li‘s next show will be in Hampton, Virginia tomorrow night (March 23). Hit the jump to watch more footage of Weezy performing live in Maryland!

PS: The intro is fucking sick with that phone call at the beginning saying Wayne Carter was released from custody on November 4th, 2010, then Weezy‘s shadow dropping down the wall, and then Tune popping up straight into his “I’m Goin’ In” verse haha!

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Lil Wayne – Wasted + Swag Surfin’ [No Ceilings]

Lil Wayne - Wasted + Swag Surfin

Uh ohhhh! Here are two leaks from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming mixtape titled No Ceilings. One track is called “Wasted” and the other is called “Swag Surfin’“… and both are no auto-tune 😛 You can listen and download them below:

Download: Lil Wayne – Wasted

Download: Lil Wayne – Swag Surfin’

Enjoy 8)