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Video: Lil Wayne’s Interview With Tim Westwood

Yesterday, we posted a Lil Wayne interview with UK’s Tim Westwood with the audio… we now have the video for the interview which took place on the day Weezy was shooting music videos non-stop in Miami haha. They talk about the music videos he has been shooting, Young Money, Tha Carter IV, Saints, jail, and the rumor about Weezy‘s crib smelling of weed. You can also see short clips of Wayne and Sean Garrett shooting a music video for “Girls On Girls“, and Wayne and Gudda shooting a Carter IV “Guddaville 2” music video (the beat sounds crazy)!

Lil Wayne With Tim Westwood


Lil Wayne & Birdman Last Interviews With Tim Westwood

When Lil Wayne was in Miami on set shooting a music video for “Da Da Da”, Tim Westwood caught up with him and Birdman for a quick interview. You can listen and read what the interviews were about below. Also in the video above, you can see a Fox-5 news clip from outside the courthouse.

Lil Wayne talks to Westwood about the music videos he has been doing in preparation for jail:

Birdman talks to Westwood about shooting music videos with Lil Wayne including two Tha Carter IV videos, and two Like Father, Like Son 2 videos. They also talk about Weezy going to do time in prison, and YMCMB:

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Snoop Dogg Disses Lil Wayne + Birdman Interview With Westwood

Snoop Dogg Disses Lil Wayne + Birdman Interview With Westwood

Wow, I didn’t see this coming… Snoop Dogg disses Lil Wayne in his new song called “Protocol“. Listen to the song and check out the lyrics below:

Gangstas don’t kiss, we get old and die rich
I smoke till I’m sleep, crush these niggas with my fist
Your Daddy was a coward, you’s a son of a bitch
So back to the glock with the infra-blue clip
We hit licks and gang bang, you on some T-Pain shit

I hope not, but I wonder if 50 Cent had anything to do with this. Also, hit the jump below to watch Birdman‘s interview with Westwood part 1:

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Videos: Lil Wayne Interview With Tim Westwood [Part 1 – 5]

Westwood and Weezy talk about the tour, Tha Carter 4, Young Money, Rebirth, Rock, and more.

😆 at the 5:56 mark.

Hit the jump below, to see part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5:

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