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Lil Wayne Teaches Us What “Hootenanny” Means [Video]

Lil Wayne Teaches Us What Hootenanny Means

Lil Wayne has partnered up with Bumbu rum for episode 2 of their “A Word With Wayne” series, which consists of Mr. Carter teaching us about new words in his own way.

This week’s word of the day is “hootenanny” and if you have never heard of this word before, you can watch Tunechi describe what it means below.

Click here to check out episode 1 of “A Word With Wayne” to see Weezy explain what “supercilious” means!

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Trippie Redd Says He Has Only Ever Looked Up To 2 People & One Of Them Was Lil Wayne [Video]

Trippie Redd Says He Has Only Ever Looked Up To 2 People & One Of Them Was Lil Wayne

Trippie Redd and his ex-girlfriend AYLEK$ recently took a road trip with Spotify on episode 3 of their “RapCaviar” series.

During this road trip, Redd revealed that he has only ever looked up to two people and one of them was Lil Wayne:

“There’s only two people I’ve looked up to-Lil Wayne and my brother. I learned from them.”

You can watch Trippie give praise to Wayne below and see him take a road trip on Spotify here!

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Preview Nicki Minaj’s “Never Really Mattered” Verse Off Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album

Preview Nicki Minaj Never Really Mattered Verse Off Lil Wayne Tha Carter V Album

A short snippet of Nicki Minaj‘s verse off Lil Wayne‘s forthcoming Tha Carter V album has surfaced online, courtesy of Marisa Mendez.

“It’s Tha Carter V, TCV; We birthin’ these rappers, get the EPT; And when you see us, it’s hats off; It’s me and Weezy, like a bad cough.”

Even though it has not yet been confirmed, this is more than likely Weezy and Nicki‘s “Never Really Mattered” collaboration, which was listed on the tentative tracklisting for C5.

You can listen to a sneak peek of the Young Money Barbie‘s “Never Really Mattered” verse after the jump below! What are your thoughts on it?

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BET To Present Lil Wayne With The “I Am Hip-Hop” Award At Their 2018 Show

BET To Present Lil Wayne With The I Am Hip-Hop Award At Their 2018 Hip Hop Awards Show

According to Billboard, Lil Wayne will be honored at this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards by receiving the “I Am Hip-Hop” award.

As well as this award, we also know that Wayne (who will be in attendance) could win “Best Mixtape” at the 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards for his D6: Reloaded mixtape.

This year’s awards show will take place from The Fillmore Miami Beach in Florida at Jackie Gleason Theater on October 6th before premiering October 16th on BET Networks at 8PM EST!


Music Artists, Athletes & Producers Tease Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album

Music Artists, Athletes & Producers Tease Lil Wayne Tha Carter V Album

As we are approaching Lil Wayne‘s long-awaited Tha Carter V album, I thought I would make a post of all the music artists, producers and athletes who have been recently teasing the project.

We have already seen Floyd Mayweather and James Harden promote C5, and now Wale, Iamsu!, Odell Beckham Jr., Cool & Dre, Metro Boomin, and Vinylz (produced “Believe Me” with Drake) have all hinted at the album on their social media pages.

You can check out what all of these people have said about Tunechi‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album after the jump below and I will be sure to update this post if anyone else famous promotes the project! When do you think C5 will be dropping? Maybe Tune‘s birthday (September 27th)?

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