Lil Wayne Information

Here, you will find all of the information that you could ever need on our favorite rapper – Lil Wayne! There are pages dedicated to all of Weezy‘s tattoos to pages showing all of his appearances on television. Simply click on a link below to view more info about Wayne.

Lil Wayne Awards & Nominations


See a list of all the awards Lil Wayne has won and all of the nominations he has received.

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Lil Wayne Beefs


Throughout his career, Lil Wayne has been involved in a few beefs with other rappers.

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Lil Wayne Biography


Read a full detailed biography on the best rapper alive – Lil Wayne.

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Lil Wayne Business Ventures

Business Ventures

Lil Wayne doesn’t just make money from music, check out all of his other business ventures.

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Cash Money Records

Cash Money Records

Detailed information on the label that Lil Wayne has been signed to since he was 11.

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Lil Wayne Compliments From Top Rappers


Rappers compliment Lil Wayne on his work ethic, rapping skills, and how he influenced them.

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Lil Wayne Concerts & Tour Dates

Concerts & Tour Dates

Find out about the latest Lil Wayne shows including the dates and locations.

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Lil Wayne Discography


View all of Lil Wayne’s albums, mixtapes, singles, collabos and more.

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Every Lil Wayne Song

Every Song

Complete your Lil Wayne music collection by viewing a list of every song he has released.

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Lil Wayne Family


Want to know more information about Lil Wayne’s family? Then check out this page.

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Lil Wayne Filmography


Info on the films Lil Wayne has starred in and the TV appearances he has made.

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Lil Wayne Gallery


Have a look through our Lil Wayne gallery, which holds around 10,000 pictures.

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Lil Wayne Good Deeds

Good Deeds

Most people are not aware of this, but Lil Wayne has done plenty of good deeds in his life.

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Lil Wayne Graphics


Browse through our Lil Wayne graphics including avatars, signatures, wallpapers and gifs.

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Hot Boys

Hot Boys

All the information you could ever need about Lil Wayne’s former group called the Hot Boys.

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Lil Wayne Lyrics


Search through lots of Lil Wayne lyrics including his album songs to his features.

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Lil Wayne Magazine Covers

Magazine Covers

Every magazine issue that Lil Wayne has ever graced the front cover of.

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Download Lil Wayne Mixtapes


Download all of Lil Wayne’s official mixtapes that he released in his career.

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Lil Wayne Playlists


Stream the hottest Lil Wayne playlists on the web.

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Lil Wayne Quiz


Take part in a quiz to see just how well you know Lil Wayne.

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Lil Wayne Shout Outs

Shout Outs

A list of lyrics from rappers that have mentioned Lil Wayne in their music.

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Sqad Up

Sqad Up

Photos and information about Lil Wayne’s old group that went by the name of Sqad Up.

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Lil Wayne Style


Interested in Lil Wayne’s fashion sense and clothes? Find out where to purchase them here.

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Lil Wayne Tattoos


Look at all of the tattoos Lil Wayne has on his body including tats you didn’t even know about.

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Lil Wayne Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases

On this page is a table showing all of the upcoming releases from Lil Wayne.

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Lil Wayne Videography


Check out a list of Lil Wayne music videos and cameos that he has made.

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