Lil Wayne Business Ventures

We all know Lil Wayne for his music and there is no question about it that when you mention “hip-hop”, Wayne is one of the first names that comes to your mind.

Since dropping his first solo studio album in 1999, Tha Block Is Hot, Weezy F Baby has released hit after hit and even won 5 GRAMMY awards.

With his album sales, sold out tours, and all of the features he has recorded in his music career, it is no secret that Tune has made a large amount of money in the music industry.

Aside from all of his own music, there are various other sources that Lil Wayne generates his income from.

You may have heard about some of Weezy’s other business ventures, which he has had the opportunity to set up because of his passion for music, skateboarding and fashion.

These include a record label that goes by the name of Young Money Entertainment, a clothing line titled TRUKFIT, his own line of Beats By Dre Pro Headphones dubbed the Tunechi Beats, an app called Sqvad Up, a sports agency titled Young Money Sports, his own flavored cigarillos called Bogey Cigars, a partnership with a French watch brand called Wize & Ope, and the launch of his own shoe line with SUPRA.

Check out a full list of Lil Wayne’s business ventures below and be sure to click on the image to view more information about them.

Lil Wayne Bogey Cigars Venture

Name: Bogey Cigars
Type: Cigar Company
Notes: Bogey Cigars, formerly known as Bogey Blunts, are a flavored cigar company that partnered with Lil Wayne in 2008 to expand their business. There are four different types available, which are “Cigarillos”, “Trees”, “Woods” and “Masters”, and they all have unique styles with the shapes and leafs… [Read More]

Lil Wayne Gone Til November Book Venture

Name: Gone ‘Til November
Type: Book
Notes: Lil Wayne will be releasing a book called “Gone ‘Til November” through Plume, a division of Penguin Group in October, 2016. The memoir will be about Weezy’s time locked up behind bars from March to November in 2010, which is also why the book is titled… [Read More]

Lil Wayne SPECTRE by SUPRA Venture

Type: Shoe Line
Notes: SUPRA announced that they had teamed up with Lil Wayne for an exclusive partnership in June, 2012, which will let Weezy release his own shoe line with the sneaker company. Wayne chose SUPRA to manufacture and distribute his upcoming collection of footwear designs, because he… [Read More]

Lil Wayne Sqvad Up Mobile Game Venture

Name: Sqvad Up
Type: Mobile Game/App
Notes: Sqvad Up is the name of a free mobile video game released by Lil Wayne in 2016 that was developed by mobile/technology company UTILITY. The aim of the game is to skate around and fly on drones collecting any money you see while avoiding birds and other obstacles/hazards… [Read More]

Lil Wayne TRUKFIT Clothing Brand Venture

Type: Clothing Line
Notes: TRUKFIT, an acronym for “The Reason U Kill For IT”, is a clothing brand from Lil Wayne that debuted in early 2012. Weezy came up with the name from his childhood experiences when him and his friends would buy replica clothes from the back of a truck that would drive by his neighborhood… [Read More]

Lil Wayne Beats By Dre Headphones Venture

Name: Tunechi Beats By Dre
Type: Headphones
Notes: Beats By Dre held an official party in September, 2012 to celebrate their announcement of Lil Wayne teaming up with them. This past year, Weezy has been spotted rocking a different pair of Beats By Dre headphones at most of the events he attended, so it was only right for him to partner up… [Read More]

Lil Wayne Wize & Ope Watch Venture

Name: Wize & Ope
Type: Watch Line
Notes: Lil Wayne partnered up with French accessories brand Wize & Ope in October, 2013 to launch his own line of watches. This partnership is Weezy‘s very first business venture outside of the United States of America and his plans are to bring the Wize & Ope watches back to his home country to… [Read More]

Lil Wayne Young Money Record Label Venture

Name: Young Money Entertainment
Type: Record Label
Notes: Young Money Entertainment, simply known as Young Money, is a record label and group that Lil Wayne set up in 2003. The label is an imprint of Cash Money Records, who Wayne also has a solo contract with, and is distributed by Universal Music Group. One of Weezy’s closest friends… [Read More]

Lil Wayne Young Money Sports Venture

Name: Young Money Sports
Type: Agency
Notes: Young Money Sports is a sports agency that Lil Wayne set up in 2016, which will handle the marketing and branding of the athletes they sign. In an interview, Weezy revealed that he started up an agency so that he can help the kids he signs off the field and give them something to fall back on if… [Read More]

I wonder what Wayne will venture into next? Maybe a video game, maybe a movie, maybe a sports team, or maybe even a restaurant?!