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Feature Friday #243: Rob Brent – Let’s Go (Feat Lil Wayne & Shanell)

Rob Brent Lets Go Feat Lil Wayne & Shanell

For this week’s “Feature Friday” installment, I have picked a song from Rob Brent, who is a member of Chicago R&B group One Chance, called “Let’s Go (This Is All I Need)” featuring Lil Wayne and Young Money singer Shanell.

There aren’t too many more details about this track or a reason as to why it was not released officially, but a few of you will recognize it from Wayne‘s verse leaking back in 2010 under the title of “Cascades“.

“I’m a nasty guy, don’t ask me why; Just ask me how, and I’ll show you proud; Her head is gone, she’s in the clouds; And when she rains, man she pours down; And I be the fella, without an umbrella; Ma, you finer than a wine cellar”

You can listen to “Let’s Go” below.

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Feature Friday #242: Cory Gunz – I Got Cha (Feat Lil Wayne)

Cory Gunz I Got Cha Feat Lil Wayne

I have picked a song from Cory Gunz titled “I Got Cha” featuring a long verse from his Young Money boss Lil Wayne for this week’s “Feature Friday” edition.

This Just Blaze-produced track appears on the Gunna‘s The Militia: The Call Of Duty mixtape, which was released back in 2006.

“Have the whole block mad like you killed Cornbread; Fuck the feds, and you can tell ’em what I said; Fuck a rat, and you can smell ’em when they dead”

You can listen to “I Got Cha” below.

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Peter Gunz Opens Up About His Son Cory Gunz Signing To Lil Wayne & Young Money [Video]

Peter Gunz Opens Up About His Son Cory Gunz Signing To Lil Wayne & Young Money

Peter Gunz recently sat down with ChangeofplanZ for a one on one interview that you can watch below.

Around half way through the video, Peter confirmed his son Cory Gunz is still signed to Young Money, shared his thoughts on if he thinks that deal helped or hurt Cory‘s career, and revealed how the Gunna loves to be around Lil Wayne.

The rapper and reality star also opened up about what Wayne did for his son is something that can only happen once in a lifetime. He went on to say that as soon as Cory signed to Weezy, he ended up going to jail and when the Gunna went to see him inside Rikers Island, he was told he was up next. Tune kept that promise and featured him on one of the first singles he dropped when he was released from jail (“6 Foot, 7 Foot“), but Peter admits they were supposed to go on from there, however, they “dropped the ball”!

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Lil Wayne Chats To Nicki Minaj About His Recent Features, Favorite Sex Position, Marriage & More [Video]

Lil Wayne Chats To Nicki Minaj About His Recent Features, Favorite Sex Position, Marriage & More

On Friday (July 9th), Nicki Minaj chopped it up with Lil Wayne during an Instagram Live session, which you can watch in full below.

One of the best things to take away from the conversation was how Wayne reacted to when Nicki told him his “Seeing Green” verse was ranked #5 of 2021 by Complex: “That sucks… I’m colder than every f*ckin’ rap verse that was released this year”.

Tunechi even confirmed he did not get married to Denise Bidot after his tweets were misconstrued back in April. He says the tweet was about his sons’ new rap group, who have now changed their name from The Carters to The Carter Boys.

Also in their convo, Weezy discussed his mindset when recording his recent feature verses, how it feels to inspire the new generation of rappers, and his favorite position in life and in the bedroom, as well as share a video to Minaj from himself and Taylen Biggs!

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Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne & Drake’s “Seeing Green” Collab Is Now Eligible For Gold

Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne & Drake Seeing Green Collab Is Now Eligible For Gold

In less than 2 months of being released, Nicki Minaj‘s “Seeing Green” collaboration with Lil Wayne and Drake is now eligible for Gold status.

According to ChartData, the song that can be found on the re-release of Nicki‘s 2009 Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape has sold over 500,000 units in the United States of America alone; making it eligible for a Gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

However, Seeing Green is not “officially” Gold until Minaj‘s record label decide to certify it! Are you still playing this collab?

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