David Letterman’s Top 10 List

Above, you can watch a video of Lil Wayne presenting the top 10 list of “Why I’m looking forward to the Grammy Awards” on The Late Show with David Letterman. I have also typed up Wayne‘s top 10 reasons he’s looking forward to the awards show below:

10 – By thanking family and friends on air, I can save money on my long-distance calls.
9 – In the course of the evening, I’m hoping to marry and divorce Amy Winehouse.
8 – I’m nominated in the category of “Lillest Wayne”.
7 – I get to hang with the Jonas Brothers. Have you seen those guys? They’re adorable. (PAUSE)
6 – Watching Madonna ask for the senior citizen’s discount at the bar.
5 – The US Airways pilot is gonna land a plane on the stage.
4 – The green room crabcakes are in the shape of Beyonce’s booty.
3 – It will be more exciting than my usual Sunday night of watching Desperate Housewives in my underpants.
2 – In these tough times, Americans will appreciate the chance to watch a bunch of rich people kiss each other’s asses for three hours.
1 – Winners who talk too much get tased.

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