Who’s Your Caddy?

Lil Wayne Whos Your Caddy Movie

Who’s Your Caddy is a comedy film that was directed by Don Michael Paul and released in the US on July 27th, 2007. The movie stars Lil Wayne, Big Boi, Andy Milonakis, Susan Ward, Sherri Shepherd, Finesse Mitchell, Faizon Love, Jim Piddock, Jeffrey Jones, and Samantha Lemole.

The film is about a rap mogul from Atlanta, who goes by the name of C-Note, that tries to join the exclusive Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club but is denied membership. C-Note then comes up with a plan to purchase property next to one of the golf club’s holes, which grants him membership to the club by default. While the club members try to get him kicked out, C-Note grabs his friends to help bring new life to the club.

You can watch the trailer for Who’s Your Caddy below:

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