Big Tuh Lyrics

Artist: Lou Williams (Feat Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)
Year: 2021

[Intro – Lou Williams]
(Ooh, Lou Will)
Big Tuh (FCB)

[Chorus – Lou Williams]
I told her
Let that big tuh (tuh, tuh)
She said
Let that big tuh (tuh)
Yeah, now throw it

[Verse 1 – Lou Williams]
One hundred in the moment, never cross my mind again
Come to another stand and never cross that line again
Name is Louis Will, but I’m from Memphis, Tenn
Where makin’ easy money pimpin’ hoes is serious biz
Speakin’ of a bid, I can’t say that’s somethin’ I fear
But if you threaten the kid, la familia will sit
In penitentiaries, prison system, mother brothers Crips
Basically, I’m tellin’ you big tuh gon’ hit the lick

[Chorus – Lou Williams & (2 Chainz)]
I told her
Let that big tuh (tuh, tuh)
She said
Let that big tuh (tuh) (I got you Lou, Tony)
Now throw it

[Verse 2 – 2 Chainz]
Quarantining, scheming, I relapsed and startŠµd leaning (leaning)
Shawty want my semen, so I said: “you gotta stream it” (stream it)
Wrap my Lamborghini, shootin’ craps in the casini (woo)
Know lil’ Hott a demon, seen him pull up in a Demon
And that Sleepy Rose, man you better not sleep on holmes (don’t sleep on holmes)
Kickin’ it with Wurl, I ain’t talkin’ about no globe (talkin’ about no globe)
I just FaceTimed Skooly, he was singin’ to some hoes (skatin’)
Tony gettin’ rich and I ain’t gotta do no shows (Tony)
She gon’ bust it down for some players in the league (Tony)
She already hit a couple players on the team (she did)
I came to the party just to leave (just to leave, yeah)
I inhaled some exotic just to breathe (just to breathe, yeah)

[Chorus – Lou Williams]
I told her
Let that big tuh (tuh, tuh)
She said
Let that big tuh (tuh)
Now throw it

[Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, I wanna rock all the time
She wanna fuck all the time
Make love all the time
She wanna fuck on your slime
She wanna fuck on your vibe
Cause numbers don’t lie
She know I’m one of a kind
She know I’m top of the line
In front of the line
She know I keep one on the side
Then I make the one multiply
Cause numbers don’t lie
She’s tryna fuck on the low
I’m tryna fuck on the high
We fuck all the time
Yeah, she’s tryna fuck on the blow
I’m tryna fuck in the sky
What is your type?
She done fucked up a good time
I be fucked up all the time
Not some of the time
Do not ask us for the time
We gon’ fuck till we run out of time
I got the world in my hands
Don’t make me set this bitch down and pick up the rifle
I get the work on demand
I don’t even trap no more, I just got vices
I got a Perc’ and a Xan’
It make me think about how beautiful life is
I’m ’bout to swerve in a Lam’
I’m ’bout to do the whole dash just like a hyphen
I see the facts on the ground
I give ’em back to the clouds
Come back for the rounds
This gun will back up a crowd
This gun will air somethin’ out
Tony Montana, I shoot while I crack a bale out
I’m finna act up, I’m wild
Ain’t with no cappin’
I’m so trigger happy, I smile
Nigga, I’m strapped in my house
Big Tunechi, big tuh

[Chorus – Lou Williams]
I told her
Let that big tuh (tuh, tuh)
She said
Let that big tuh (tuh)
Now throw it

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