Body Bag Lyrics

Artist: Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again (Feat Lil Wayne)
Album: Nobody Safe
Year: 2020

[Verse 1 – YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
I got dope inside my cup, I think I poured too much
No Instagram, told that bitch don’t come around me postin’ that
Assassination-like style, I won’t show you nothin’
Originated .38 Baby, you wan’ bang with me, then blow you somethin’
Nigga fuck you, I don’t owe you nothin’, I’ll show your ass how that lead feel
I’ve been thuggin’ outside the north, runnin’ around the town going on seven years
Say you ’bout that, nigga sho’ you is
Bitch, it’s up there when I say it is
On my gang, baby mama shed tears
Daddy somewhere serving over fifty years
You know me, then you know I keep a steel
I’ll pop his ass, do this shit for real
Been that boy since I was a child, I ain’t showing tires, they ain’t know how I feel
I’ll step on a nigga ass, nigga make me mad, don’t stop until he killed
My mama know I’m thuggin’, it get ugly, lay me in Winnfield, oh yeah
Spin the block, hop out with them Glocks and leave ’em dead
I go by Top, if he go up, I bring ’em down straight to this bed
Aimin’ for real, ain’t got no chill
Most niggas around me, they be scared
Pop your cap as fast you pop a pill
I know these niggas better be ready

[Verse 2 – Rich The Kid]
Pop your cap cause if you’re playing with the gang, we leave him dead
He was flexin’ for the ‘Gram, we pullin’ up like: “what you sayin’?”
Body bag, toe tag me a nigga
Can’t play with 4KTrey, you’ll have your baby mama missin’
Drop a bag on her
See these racks and diamonds? That’s a Jag’ on her
Your body come up missin’, they like: “where the homie?”
Red beam on him just like pepperoni if a nigga owe me

[Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, what happened to that boy?
Them red beams look like forbidden apples to that boy
I pop, and then I add snap and crackle to that boy
My wings flapping like a pterodactyl to that boy
I spin the block, leave his body stretched out looking like 6 o’clock
Half a brick on the counter looking like a cinder block
I got gorilla guap when I shop
Keep spinning like a fucking spinning top, pour the lean to the top
Still never spill a drop
I left in an SUV, I came back in a drop
I got your recipe and came back with a pot
Can’t forget who I know, but I know who I forgot
If I ain’t hit everybody, let me know who I forgot
Come back with a street sweeper, I just hope you got a mop
I’mma throw your body off a yacht, your body gon’ float back to the dock
You’ll get a body bag and a toe tag, that’s new clothes and new socks, you lil’ bitch

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