Came Out A Beast Lyrics

Artist: Flau’jae (Feat Lil Wayne)
Album: Best Of Both Worlds
Year: 2024

[Intro – Flau’jae]
Know it’s Big 4, the biggest 4 (woah, woah, yeah)
Big 4
Let’s go

[Verse 1 – Flau’jae]
Yeah, see the greatest
They really be cappin’, I see the hatred
I be beatin’ the beat like Anita Baker
And I’m stackin’ the hundreds, you see the acres
They tryna be funny, I’m tryna get money
I guess in the end, I’mma see you later (on God)
And I just won a natty, did it for my daddy
They seein’ my face man, I’m in the paper
Man, I’m one of them ones, you see thе trophy
You don’t gotta respond if you really know me
I camе up from the bottom and now I’m GOATed
And I throw you the oop, we like Shaq and Kobe
We was ridin’ the Nissan, blockin’ like D-line
I’m goin’ up and I cannot look behind
Please do not call me, I’m probably gon’ decline
They thinkin’ I’m stoppin’, I’m still goin’ beyond
I done did the impossible, break every obstacle
Tryna get money, yeah, we comin’ like Deion
When you get to the top, the hundreds don’t stop
And it is a must that I get it like Elon, yeah
I got bread, I can get you a piece (I can)
Keep a double, I feel like I’m Reese
Ain’t no trouble, I’m keepin’ the peace (on God)
And they mad, ’cause I came out the East (out the East)
They can’t fathom, I came out a beast (on God)
Out my mama, I came out a beast (like yeah)
At the top, I’m not lookin’ beneath
You my dog, we don’t gotta compete
Yeah, huh, all you gotta do is run that check up and get paid
They ain’t believe it, now I got me one more win
Yeah, I come from a place where you gotta go eat
If you do what I do, you a product of me
I done did it again and I’m not at my peak
If you gang, then we gang and you ridin’ for me
I’m a millionaire and I don’t got a degree
I done got me a natty, I got me a ring
I ain’t switchin’ up sides, I’mma ride with my team
Yeah, yeah, I ain’t got nothin’ to prove
But I do got me somethin’ to lose
I won’t stop, man, you got me confused
‘Cause they keepin’ my face on the news
Yeah, yeah, man I’m the biggest 4 in the world (Big 4)
If you workin’ for this and it fall in your lap, then you really got what you deserve
Yeah, and I go to LSU and I be reppin’ it like I’m Joe Burrow (yeah)
When I slide in the Masi’, I gotta keep checkin’ it, gotta be thorough (when I slide in the Coupe)
And ain’t no more revenues, ain’t no more talkin’ and ain’t no referrals (ain’t givin’ referrals)
They been takin’ my flow, they ain’t givin’ it back, gotta get reimbursed (I need that)
Yeah, I don’t get scared, let me clutch my pearls
I’m the hottest rapper in it, leave the game inside a hearse (yeah)
They hatin’ in my own circle (yeah, own circle)
Gold, yellow, I got my own purple (got her own purple, hah)

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, he the greatest
Weezy F Baby, she eat the babies
Yeah, she eat the babies like she was cravin’
I’m the hair trigger, y’all need to shave me
I’mma have dinner, don’t even plate it
Kill you on your b-day, happy belated
Every day D-Day, ’cause I f*ck her daily
Dreadlocks all blonde like I’m Australian
Reppin’ at LSU like I’m Joe Burrow
Sorry, not sorry, I’m tired of the sorrow
In the Ferrari, Bugatti, Gallardo
These n*ggas is Mexicans, I’m like Ronaldo
Chain big ballin’, diamonds be talkin’
Diamonds be sparklin’ like Coach Mulkey
I’m Big 5ive, that’s Big 4, Flau’jae
Life is a b*tch, this b*tch so gorgeous, ooh
You my dog, we ain’t gotta compete
And all of y’all just a product of me
A billionaire and I ain’t got a degree
Don’t really care, ’cause I’m a thousand degrees
Put it in the air, in the cloud, in the breeze
Loud-ass weed, it holler and scream
Diamonds gon’ bling, they pop on screen
You screen them calls, that chopper gon’ ring
Yellow, gold, got my own purple
Work the Draco ’til my arm hurtin’
Better make sure your alarm workin’
Put a halo on you like a turban
I’m from New Orleans, meet me right on Bourbon
Weezy Baby and my diaper dirty
It’s a dirty game, had to wipe my jersey
Screamin’ f*ck the world like a virgin, Lil Tunechi

[Outro – Lil Wayne]
Mula baby
Yeah, Big 4, Big 5
Two times, pah-pah

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