Cap & Gown Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
Year: 2019

[Intro – Lil Wayne]
Oh my goodness

[Verse – Lil Wayne]
I turned my mansion to a juug house
I did a TV show with Jesse off of Full House
Oh Lord, I turned my mansion to a hoe house
I did a show way in Haiti, brought the Zoes out
I rolls out in the car with the head missing, the hoes out
Closed mouth, don’t get fed shit in the cold drought
Old south habits, I pour it up, you pour it out
I left the court house with a stroll, bounce and no doubt
I know I’m no slouch if Hov vouch, my doors sprout
I help my bro out and get him out the dope house
I never sold loud since that old couch that fold out
Like the pronounce that I am on a whole ounce
Stank so loud like old trout and toes out
Make these hoes crouch, then roll, bounce, then roll out
And kick rocks, I started with six rocks, oh Lord, woo
Let it breathe
I started off with six rocks
Made 30 dollars, thank god for hip-hop
Didn’t stop, I was gettin’ guap, gotta Diddy Bop
And hit the block with my palms itching like chicken pox
Bop jiggy bop, my niggas hot, my bitch a fox
All you niggas mock, you bit my swag like little crocks
Don’t give diddly squat ’bout any man or city cops
Pistol in my sock, no lollipops, we lickin’ shots
Moms cooked dinner and then the pots went to my pops
He was whippin’ rock around the clock, oh how I watched
Then I got shot and then I dropped, and went in shock
Laid up in that hospital room, soon as the doctor knock
You know I hopped up, bounced back like boom shakala
Got rich at 15 and moved momma out
Got lit at 15, ooh, cotton mouth
Started off with six rocks, it’s a mountain now
Ooh, and I ain’t climbin’ down
I never been a fan of common grounds
I been gettin’ green since Bobby Brown
Been meaning to write my wrongs, but I been too busy to jot ’em down
And when you visit, I’m not around
I hope your view isn’t from out of bounds
I come to do business, so for your new niggas disguising frowns
When your crew fishing, your body’s found
Oh Lord, I turned my mansion to the White House
Did a movie with Forest Whittaker, got my lines down
Ooh, but my mansion still a hoe house
Did a show at home, bought my bros and no foes out
I rolls out in the Coupe with the doors out, the whores out
My flow is like a shoe with the soles out, Dr. Scholl’s vouch
I knows how to move with my nose down
Keep my nose out of people business, news and hoes’ mouth cause these hoes foul
My pops from the goose, I’m from Eagle Street, Hollygrove child
I used to have the Nissan with Bose sound, I drove around
Chrome .44 with the gold snout, take your crown
Extended clip that poke out, reload rounds
Sex with a bitch, deep stroke, ouch, she so aroused
Next to the bitch is a coke pile, your hoes mouth
Mine goes down, swallows child with no chow
That mean no teeth, holy cow, slow it down
Yeah, I guess I’m hoein’ now
I never been a fan of knowin’ vows
I been gettin’ green, I mean more than cows
Been meaning to settle down, but I be jugglin’ hoes like a clown
And if she gullible, I like her style
If she bisexual, I dyke her out
And if she flexible, if she flexible, I’ll wrap her around
Get head and pussy, call it cap and gown
Oh Lord

[Outro – Lil Wayne]
No Ceilings
No feelings
You all in your feelings
I’m like fuck your feelings
Mannie Fresh on the beat

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