Back From The 80s Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
EP: D6: Reloaded
Year: 2017

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
I keep the blamma in the drawer with the pajamas
I keep the ammo in the bananas
I keep the standards high as the Canyon
I treat the Grammys like some medallions
I treat the randoms like some companions
I treat the weed like some azaleas
I got more value than I got failure
I got more flings than I got flair
I don’t dream if I do not have nothing to wear
You see what I mean and that’s why you stare
I know you believe, I know you beware
I know she a fiend, and this an affair
And momma a queen, and poppa a bear
You run out of steam, you run out of stairs
I run in Supreme and get something rare
She run to the team and now she a player
We live on the edge, we die in the air
We sick in the head, but pockets is well
We tiptoe on eggs, we out of our shell
Our vision is red, the eyes are as well
We can’t pay attention, we gotta pay bills
It doesn’t make sense if it’s not making mills
We do not take pictures, we’re not taking Ls
If y’all love to listen, then I hate to tell
If y’all scared to visit, then I take it there
If heaven is real, then y’all fake as hell
Cut off your heels and bounce on your tail
I’m on a mission, survival is real
Man fuck how I fix it, admire the repairs
I’m talking six but my mind is on twelve
Poppin’ prescriptions on top of the hill
Even the devil advised me to chill
I told that nigga: “stay out of my hair”
She just want to fuck in the throne
Shit get too deep and they dug up your bones
I’m sippin’ that Sleep and I’m smoking that Gone
When you reach your peak, we gon’ cut off your arms
She sniffin’ that King and she mix it with Kong
Her clit got a ring and my dick got a horn
This is what I call a risk and reward
We cutting it close, give the ninja the sword
Fuck what they think, man these niggas don’t know us
This shit is sick and it get in your pores
And then you a corpse, and then is the morgue
Me, I’mma hustle until it’s the Forbes
I swore, it was no more than a chore
The house by the water, condo by the shore
I’m sure, I’m all about that manure
Cooler than leather and hot as velour
I’m not the one, when it is war
I’m on the front until combat is done
And I got your tongue, stomp on it once
Then smile at your young they see I’m having fun
Shit don’t get brazy till I say go brazy
Run up on your haven and pop at your nasal
Your baby gon’ take me straight down to the basement
Gun to the head, she get down to the basics
No dramatization, we poppin’ these gauges
Even the neighbors gon’ feel the vibrations
Behind desperation, it’s just in our nature
So cold-hearted, perspiration turn to glaciers
Ovations, better be loud and bodacious
And then I’mma take me a bow and be gracious
Wipe the gun off with my towel
Throw it in the crowd
And then take a pow at the spacious
I’m out of my mazes, I’m out of my cages
I’m out of the labels, I’m kind of escapist
I profit, I praise it, I spend it, I save it
I buy me a nation, you renting on Avis
I’m in it, I said it, I did it, you said it
You kiddin’, you playing, I’m friendly, I’m faded
I get way too high to get through the hiatus
You look in my eyes and my pupils dilated
I’m true to my ratings, I’m glued to my statements
I just want to dive in the pool of my payments
I’m in and outrageous, I’m rippin’ out pages
You runnin’ your mouth, see how quick you can chase it
And then you rephrase it, we stick to invasions
The stick is malicious, equipped with a laser
The temperature blazin’, the tension is raising
You smell the dead once, gotta live with the fragrance
Sickness is real, the meds is too tasty
Death is related, happy we made it
Keeping it dirty like Sanford and Grady
To Young Mula baby, I’m back from the 80s
Dedication 6 shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Skit – Lil Wayne]
My favorite movie quote is: “you got 14 bricks in that bag right there?”
That’s my favorite movie quote
That was Cam talking to, uh, you know Mitch and all them?
That was uh, damn, I always forget the name of the movie and it’s my fucking favorite quote, but it ain’t my favorite movie
But err that’s my favorite movie quote
My favorite movie, if you wanted to know, if I ever said it or never said it, it’s Sixth Sense
So don’t ask me why
I see dead people, you already know
So I got the fuck away from them
Dead bitches

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