No Lie Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
Mixtape: Dedication 4
Year: 2012

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[Intro – Lil Wayne]
Hey, turn the music up
It sound like I’m loud as fuck and the music not
I don’t like that

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
I am sippin’ on that lean, don’t bring me no bottles hoe
I make it rain so hard, flowers grow, Hollygrove
Four baby mamas, no baby mama drama
Bad bitch at home sleep, I go home and sleep behind her
Uh, shout out to my weed man, shout out to my lean man
I’m sittin’ on these motherfuckin’ millions like a beanbag
Fuck you, don’t judge me, drug me then love me
Eat me some pussy when I got the munchies
I’m trippin’, tell Pippen to beam me up Scotty
Got pounds of that Kush, watch me go on a diet
That’s no lie, I’m so high, you pussy ass niggas Massengill
I got them yellow xanax, I slipped on a banana peel
TRUKFIT t-shirt, blunt dipped in syrup
Pass that weed around like some fuckin’ orders
Man I’m shit faced and your bitch facin’
She high too, fuckin’ right
My number one F-A-N, you know what that mean? Fuck All Night, uhh

Haha, yeah
I’mma let that breathe
Let that breathe

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, nigga I fucked that bitch that’s with ya
And she send me naked pictures
If I was you I wouldn’t kiss her, you know why? haha
You know why, yeah, uh, now all my bad bitches say: “word”
You ain’t never jocked no nigga, you ain’t never sweat no nigga
Yeah, you don’t want none of these niggas
Bitch, I ain’t none of these niggas hoe
I be doin’ my own thing, red bone with a tongue-ring
We get home and she go straight for that head, gun range
Fuck your feelings I’m feelin’ me, you want real? That’s real as me
Mask on, trick-or-treat, my sign say “dick for free”
All my homies ride or die, all my bitches ride or die
I look her pussy eye-to-eye then suck that motherfucker dry

Yes Lord
Hahaa, yeah
And she say: “yes Lord”
Yeah, hahaa
Dedication 4 hoe
Scoob in this bitch with me

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