Before Tune Gets Back Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne (Feat Lil Chuckee)
Mixtape: Dedication 5
Year: 2013

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[Intro – Lil Chuckee]
Man… Mike, cut something on man
They don’t never let me get on nothing dawg
Man, cut-man, cut-man, cut something on man
Hurry up though before Tune get back, come on
Yeah, D5 motherfucker
It’s Tunechi Junior bitch
Pops, lemme go ahead an get ’em one time, ya heard me?
Hol’ up

[Lil Chuckee]
Turn my motherfucking mic on
And I ain’t leaving ’til the motherfucking lights on
This ain’t a dick, this a motherfucking python
And if it’s war, call me, fuck Tyrone
You know what? It’s time for y’all niggas to sit
Big ass house, no room for bullshit
Such and such told me: “Chuck, you ain’t rich”
Well tell such and such: “nigga suck my dick”
Cause I got a lot of sperm if you need it, sperm if you need it
I made you go crazy for no fucking reason
I beat you pussy niggas up till you start bleedin’
Menstrual cycle, fuck it, go ahead bleach ’em
Diarrhoea, I’m running this shit, I’m just getting my laps on
All my niggas strapped up and y’all pussy niggas got strap-ons
Bitch we breed these 5 stars, bitch we bleed these 5 stars
YMCMB, you can come get fucked by 5 stars
She done got too comfortable, I done made her stupid ass walk home
I kill the beat, the barrel on the yopper round as a motherfucking Super Dome
Okay you know I’m a fucking beast, yeah I’m a fucking creep
You could get these 30 clips if you wanna make a scene
Tune let me off the leash, now I run the fucking streets
Two fingers in her pussy, then I tell her pussy peace, uh
It’s Chuckee, she say: “yo’ name Chuckee?”
I said: “no, my name’s Suck Me”
Introduce you to T if you stupid ass lucky
Fuke rolling fat and I got my nose stuffy
All my niggas on gas, QuikTrip
And all my niggas gon’ blast this shit
See, all y’all niggas doing bad and shit
So really I’mma act a fucking ass this year
TRUKFIT on my neck, that TRUK mean I’ll truck your ass
She got junk up in her trunk, I guess it’s time to take out the trash
Haha, and you thought this shit was over
Got paper like a fucking school folder
If her grass ain’t cut, get the lawnmower
Tony, tell them bitches it’s Libra Gang
Vocal lessons, let the Nina sing
Before I leave up out this bitch, they gon’ know my fucking name
Birdman Junior Junior
Fuck a dog bitch, I got a puma
Man these niggas’ pussies stink, no wonder why I was smelling tuna
Lame ass boys don’t want no trouble, pussy niggas just a bunch of suckers
Smashing all they moms, you could call me a motherfucker
Man I’m about to act an ass, and this shit here just a little tease
Pull big willy out my pants and all them girls say “Hercules”
Bitch I’m living B.I.G., my gun is Lil’ Cease
If that girl don’t pop it off, I’ll just skeet right on her weave
Okay that gold pack in my pocket, I’m like a rag up in a socket?
And when I cock that Nina Nine, you better not cock block me
Uh, YM be the shit, I say damn everybody else
I be kicking girls out the condo, I got a black belt, huh
Big bro said: “it’s yo’ time nigga”
You heard what the fuck the man said
Boy I body these verses, that’s why they cost an arm and a leg
Left that coochie smokin’, she gon’ fail her drug test
My chain on freeze, call my shit under arrest
I’m gone, hahaha

[Outro – Lil Chuckee]
Mike turn the mic off dog
Fuck, I’m just playing around dawg
Man, cut the beat off before Tune get back

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