Everyday We Sick Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
EP: Dedication 6
Year: 2017

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Everything was meant, everything was meant
I took a L, what comes after L? My nigga – Ms
That AK with the twins, that’s Mary Kate and sis
My shooters, they don’t miss
Fade away, then swish
Dedication 6
And everyday we sick
Treatin’ medication scrips like some Revelation scripts
I thought yesterday we quit
But you know every day we spent
Then we celebrate the win like we’ll never play again
Lord I just talked to my hitman, he say that he made a list
Nigga always breakin’ in, and he never leave a print
And I never shaved a brick
Okay, now I’m talkin’ shit
Where that bakin’ soda mix?
Raise my Arm & Hammer fist
And my yellow-bone, she thick
And her belly don’t exist
And she never saw the gym
She stay healthy cause she strip
Doin’ very late events
And I never paid a cent
Pussy never leave a scent
Toni Braxton, breathe again
Everyday, all week, we lit
You know everyday we sip
And we having steak and shrimp
With some naked waitresses
Told that bitch to bring her friend
You know that we make ’em kiss
She know if it’s goin’ down, I keep a elevator lit
Now where the elevator music? Yeah, they better play the hits
I can serenade a bitch, you interrogate a bitch
If we interrogate that bitch, we be like: “where that safe at bitch?”
Put that barrel to her tits, and if she hesitate, that’s it
I need that combination bitch
Cause I ain’t got no patience bitch
I hate to do it, but the line between love and hate is thin
You know every day we win
You know second place ain’t shit
You know that we take the kids
Just like Freddy, Jason, IT
You know that we spray and dip
One-eight-seven, eighty-six
While you eatin’ bacon grits
Again while police takin’ tips
You know everyday we drip
Drippin’ wet Mercedes-Benz
Drippin’ wet and glazy clit
You know every day she drenched
This that Dedication 6
You know everyday we sick
Give me way, a life, a gift
Catch a body like a Lyft
This that Dedication 6
If she starstruck, make a wish
I tell her pussy take your lick
I’m big-headed, make it fit
You know everyday we sick

[Outro – Lil Wayne & (DJ Drama)]
That’s some sick shit, yeah
(Shout to Young Money)
You know everyday we sick
That’s some sick shit, oh
(My nigga Mack Maine)
And this that Dedication 6
You know everyday we sick
And you are just a patient bitch
It’s that Dedication 6
You know everyday we sick
Now that’s some sick shit, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
That’s some sick shit, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
That’s some sick shit, yeahhh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You know everyday we sick

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