Fly Away Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
EP: Dedication 6
Year: 2017

[Intro – DJ Drama & (Lil Wayne)]
I’d like for you to take this time
And remember where you was the first time you heard Dedication
If I asked you how many times you’ve listened to D2, could you tell me?
Dedication 3 was the first mixtape you heard when we had a black president
D4 and 5, we got back to business
Y’all done copied the rhymes
Y’all done stole the artwork
Tried to emulate my shit-talkin’
Weezy and Dram’, we are the mixtape blueprint
Hahaha, you welcome
A dedication

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
I got Doja, narcotics, and Actavis; that’s DNA
Got a dyke hoe, nympho, and your bitch layin’ next to me and bae
Eazy like NWA, they make me feel A-OK
Feeling like Tony, “Grrreat!”, feeling all on me, TSA
She got dollars, nut, and alcohol all over her T&A
She snort all this KKK and this broad need AAA
Let’s enjoy some NBA, y’all lil’ boys is CAA
Yeah we got A-M-M-O, but you’ll get beat like MMA
I got Dracos, Ninos, Automatics; that’s my DNA
You’ll get beat like Sugar Ray, TKO, O-H-H
I smoke O’s, I sip Ace, I pop whole Xanies straight
I got P’s, I got weight, I got kis, I got gates
I got moon-rock, molly, ecstasy, inside this weed, it’s laced
I smoke doobies, don’t smoke J’s, don’t watch movies, don’t go to plays
I watch cuties, porn, and play, I got Uzis on the way
I don’t be choosy, I don’t be safe
I don’t get woozy, I get the waist
My bitch ballin’ like Chiney, Erykah Badu with the fade
Capital W NBA, I just teach her how to save
I’ve been sleepin’ with my AK, with my finger around her waist
I’ve been dreamin’ I caught a body, that’s some sweet dreams, who want taste?
Give the American Dream to a bitch that ain’t even from the USA
This the land of the Free, it’s the home of AJ
Got a whole brick of some yay, I put one line on the plate
She’s gon’ take it to the face, like “Thin Line Between Love and Hate”
I got Dealers ‘N Associates, call that my DNA
All these diamonds, all this gold and shit, call that PB&J
I got Bloods in L.A., I got Bloods down in the A
I got Bloods everywhere you lay, but ain’t no blood in my filet
Hit the court, shoot the DA, treat beef like USDA
OMW to your trap, [blap!], now I’ll be On My Way
I got plugs I ain’t got to pay, I got shit I ain’t got to say
I got cribs way out of state, I ain’t got no more pocket space
Sippin’ slo-mo at my pace, lean like I wear a brace
Queens want to be embraced, Kings want to be an Ace
I remember Ace of Spades, I remember the Goose is Grey
Now it’s Bumbu by the case, nigga fuck you, fly away
6 shit, blrrrp

[Break – DJ Drama & (Lil Wayne)]
To the culture that Tunechi birthed
To the sons and daughters of Weezy
Y’all niggas still watching a master at work
(I already got…)

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
I already got the Ganja
I already got the Fanta
All black like Uganda
Hair back like E. Honda, wait
Hard hat like a condom
Your skull crack, then we crowned you
Shark bite to a flounder
Bar fight to a bouncer, wait
All Franks like Sinatra
Face been painted, they ain’t never clowned him
Everybody rakin’ cash like it’s autumn
Y’all boys sweeter than Whatchamacallit
All y’all take a seat on this toilet
Y’all ain’t shit, but y’all piss-poorin’
Sittin’ in the foreign like I’m on a Harley
Keep bloodsuckers away with the garlic
Alone in a mansion, I’m Macaulay Culkin
Thought about your coffin and started barfin’
Thought about your orphans, how they probably starvin’
Thought about this artful shit, how I’m so thoughtful
Walkin’ on the marble, feelin’ like Ricardo
Walkin’ ’round like the campus of Harvard
Shout out my nigga Swizz, niggas gettin’ smarter
Tried to hit the books and nigga hit the target
Sittin’ on the charter, talkin’ ’bout the talkers
Waitin’ on departure, waiting on a sculpture
Make sure my vultures keep an extra cartridge
And make sure my Barbies keep an extra Barbie
My dick is her electric chair, feel the voltage
And her pussy better smell like a orchid
Wetter than a wishin’ well, need a quarter
Damn, I wish I was a lil’ bit taller
Damn, I wish I drank a lil’ more water
Damn, my weed stank a lil’ more harder
Damn, I pull up with a red-bone, scarlet
With a yellow-bone car
That smoke green, that’s Marley
Purple and the orange, you seen, that’s horror
No Eve in my garden, F-Rer, F-Rer
All the Gs in my corner, them boys so warriors
Believe we deserve every leaf in the forest
Kis and quarters layin’ around my headquarters
Borderline hoarder, you a mortal, I report ’em
World on my shoulders, but it’s lighter than a clover
I’m your bitch, baby hold me tighter than a stroller
System so solar, got white like Crayola
Nut like granola all in your bitch rollers
You never been in jail, I never been in a Corolla
Then I roll a blunt ’bout as thick as a Samoan
This is that sick shit, the sickness is showin’
The sickness is spreadin’, the disease is growin’
The bitches is hoein’, the witnesses knowin’
The dollars are torn, they fishing for coins
I continue goin’, I get to the barn
I rip off his horns, six in the mornin’
Then I just yawn and forget to mourn
And give to the star, it’s 6, the reward

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