Don Life Lyrics

Artist: Big Sean (Feat Lil Wayne)
Album: Detroit 2
Year: 2020

We marvel about some athlete earning ten or fifteen million a year
Well, if that’s the case, that athlete must be worth to his owners billions of dollars

[Verse 1 – Big Sean]
Getting to the paper like it’s human nature
Goddamn, the more they hate us, that just motivate us
I know revenge tastes the sweetest, mmm, I’m gon’ savor
I’m just sending all my graces up to my creator
No negotiation, this is world domination
You can fill the trophy cases up with nominations
I’m the Alpha-Omega, that mean you can’t replace us
That mean I’m throwing dice in Vegas, betting all the wages
My girl expensive, remember you get what you pay for
Big, big pay-off moves on and off the radar
You can’t afford to miss a layup when you in the playoffs (uh)
Press on, stress on
I give this shit blood, flesh, bone
Can’t catch me, I skate to my destiny
That’s necessity, you can’t out-finesse me
She like chocolate, Nestlé, brown and sexy
Touch me, tease me, please me, just don’t test me
I’m the bar, my weight up, you can’t press me
Legendary bloodline, my ancestry
Ooh, I’m devoted and hated, I re-coded the Matrix
I just loaded the bases and you know I’mma make it hit

[Chorus – Big Sean & (Meek Mill)]
Getting to the paper like it’s human nature
Getting to the paper like it’s human nature
Getting to the paper like it’s human nature, uh
(Getting to the paper like it’s human nature)
No time to relax, we ain’t in Jamaica
(Getting to the paper like it’s human nature)


[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Lil Tunechi
I’ve been having conversations with the constellations
We keep this shit between us, just like a doctor-patient
The heaviest intoxication make the problems weightless
I’mma need some sanitation for the time that’s wasted
Told my shrink that life is crazy, he said: “life is crazy”
I bought a house so fucking big it feel like I’m my neighbors
I told my weed man: “I need nature”, he accommodate me
I got two choppers look alike, I call ’em crock and gator
The flowers looking quite amazing, I ain’t like the fragrance
I stand beside a baby, see who you decide to play with
I’mma take my fucking chances, I’m a lucky bastard
My heart race till it catch up to who it’s running after
Oh my gosh, I’m gone, I’m on a planet I’m not knowin’
Said: “let there be light”, but then all my lights were blown
Yeah I know my rights, I mean I know right from wrong
I know yayo white and sweeter than a yellow-bone
I know love is life and I know life is never long
I made plans to get away and in the morning, I’ll be gone
Man, I mind-fuck, no foreplay, brainwash, my thoughts fade
Brainstorm, I storm chase, guilty conscience no court date
Lil Tunechi (Tunechi)

[Chorus – Big Sean, (Lil Wayne) & (Meek Mill)]
Detroit (yeah)
(Getting to the paper like it’s human nature) (yeah)
Getting to the paper like it’s human nature (yeah)
(Get this shit no matter how long it takes us)
(I’ve been having conversations with the constellations, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Getting to the paper like it’s human nature, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Black music sells about sixty percent of the music sold in the world
It outsells other people’s native music
And yet, we’re willing to sing for pennies a record

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