Darkside Lyrics

Lil Wayne Darkside Funeral Lyrics
Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Funeral
Year: 2020

[Intro – Lil Wayne]
Darkside, darkside, darkside
Darkside, darkside, darkside

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
We don’t like these niggas, we don’t fight these niggas
We “good night” these niggas, you look like these niggas
Fu-fuck it-fuck it up, fuck ’em up
Hit him up, hunt ’em down, hurry up
Shoot him up, shut him down, shut him up
Eat her out, dick her down, cuddle up
But bitches comin’ ’round with the funny love
Lick me up, lick me down, done enough
Eat her up, spit her out, bubblegum
Treat her right, treat her out, trouble come
Got some cocaine and a couple blunts
It’s ashes to ashes, dust to dust
.44 plastic, the rubber bust
We don’t wear masks, cause it must be us
I got the Holy Ghost in my Backwood
On my tippy-toes and them flat-foot
Bitch pigeon-toed and her cat good
I know her pussy hole like my MacBook
She Tootsie-Roll on the black wood
Get her own page in the black book
And it’s startin’ to feel like I’m attached to her
If it’s that good, I put a stamp to her
I’m a warlord to these fuckin’ boys
Double-edged sword and a bubble boy
I just won a war in a Hummer ‘fore I’m ’bout to come to yours
Lookin’ for a war, I am nothin’ more than somethin’ more
Than much more as the punch pour
And I slunch more with my lungs sore
I smoke you and your blunt blowers
Let’s get on with it, Megatron with it
Telephone like a telethon
Bitches workin’ bitches like a Peloton
Finish yellow-bones dizzy, very long visits
And I’m talkin’ numbers, Jerry Jones digits
I’m at home sippin’, and I’m gone sippin’
Got a Draco with my arm in it
Shoot you in your heart, put some charm in it
Sorry, gotta leave your mama tormented
“Bah, bah, bah” if she commented
Cops pulled up, and they vomited
I am not finished, hope they long-winded
Money long-livin’ with a strong finish
Dead presidents, wasn’t born with it, I’mma die with it
I’mma more with it, didn’t start livin’ till the war ended

[Chorus – Lil Wayne]
It’s wartime, wartime, wartime
Y’all lil’ niggas small time
All my niggas ex-cons
And we do not fuck with y’all kind
Bitch it’s wartime, wartime, wartime
Y’all lil’ niggas small time
All my niggas done time
Or they doin’ time, that’s just lost time
It’s still wartime, wartime, wartime
Darkside, darkside, darkside
Pull up, “Brrt,” skrrt
Then we joyride till the car die

[Outro – Lil Wayne]
Bitch, it’s wartime (wartime), wartime (wartime)
Wartime (wartime), no talk time (no talk time)
Chalk time (chalk time), all-time (all-time), hard time (hard-time)
Bitch (bitch)
Darkside (darkside), darkside (darkside), darkside (darkside)
(Darkside, darkside, darkside, bitch)

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