Glaciers Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
Year: 2019

[Intro – Lil Wayne]
Timbaland on the beat nigga
No ceilings

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Yeah, glaciers
Goodness gracious
Power, patience
Greatness, glaciers
Goodness gracious, uh (yeah)
Glaciers, gracious
Greatness, patience
Stages, phases
Don’t face us (nope)
Just grace us
Blaze us with lasers (wow)
Raise us houses like mazes (wow)
Models, Megans (yeah)
Madonnas, Rachels, fellatio
Powder, up nasals
New houses, appraisals (sold)
New neighbors (hi), new tables (yeah)
New towels (yeah), new label (no)
No new friends, new choppers
You try us, it’s fatal (pow)
You try us, it’s fatal (pow)
New bodies, new halos (yeah)
New bodies, new halos (yeah)
New money, new pesos
Nobody, don’t play though (no)
Cause they know, yeah they know
We catch a body, lay low (yeah)
Can’t find your body, case cold (yeah)

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Like glaciers, glaciers, glacier, gla…
Nigga, that’s cold
Nigga, that’s bold
Nigga, that’s scary
Like Jason
Goodness gracious, uh
I got way too much drank in me
I got way too much bank on me
Sip too much I might faint homie
Don’t wake me up, just put a blanket on me
Thank you homie, I ain’t your homie
Diamonds blingin’ on me like they blinkin’ on me (bling)
All above my Ben Franklins on me
Bitch can’t even get a Abe Lincoln from me
I ain’t thinkin’ normally nigga
Bring a tank and all of that with you (come on)
Cause you know I’m from New Orleans nigga
All I gotta do is just go and borrow no limits
Cutting up in a brand new Ferrari my nigga
I’mma get one for all of my niggas
You know I influenced all of these niggas
I just see y’all as my minions
I just see y’all in my menu
I just see y’all as civilians
I don’t see y’all as competition
I can see God when I’m squinting
I can’t see y’all in my position
I can’t see y’all from my condition
I’m wasted
Pill poppin’ and pacing (yeah)
Prescription medications
Like redemption, revelation (yeah)
She pill poppin’ and naked (ooh)
How can you blame her, she waiting for it to kick in
I kick back when it kick in and let her do what she came for
He don’t let her do what she made for and that’s messed up
She come by me and get messed up, and then fess up
I’m like that sucks and that’s cold (yeah)

[Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]
Like glaciers, glaciers, glaciers (glaciers)
Like glaciers
Say that’s cold (cold)
Damn shame
He hatin’, that’s tasteless
He fucked up, good vibrations (yeah)
Glaciers, gracious
Racin’ in the latest spaceship
No chasin’, no chases
No break in, we made it safely
I’m facin’ cases, make ’em disappear like David Copperfield
I’m tasting victory like flavors
They frame us, oh Lord we public enemy like Flavor
I’m famous, oh Lord I always wanted to be so famous
I came up (yeah)
Now I kick my feet up and collect my payments (woo)
I’m way up (yeah)
I fuck on that bitch and we lay up (yeah)
I cuddle and shit, I’m a sweetheart (yeah)
I drink all this sip but I stay up (yeah)
I pop all theses pills but I stay up (yeah)
I fuck up and shit but we made up (yeah)
And it ain’t trickin’ if you got it nigga
I do all these tricks, I’m a skater
It’s all about money and power nigga
The pussy and shit gon’ come later (yeah)
No time for drama on my conscience nigga
And my shoulders too small to put weight on (yeah)
And my hoes take too long just to wait on (yeah)
In the bathroom putting her face on
She say my pole just too long to put bait on (yeah)
These niggas be getting their cape on and that’s cold (yeah)

[Outro – Lil Wayne]
Like glaciers, glaciers, glaciers
And that’s cold
Damn shame
That’s satin
That’s tasty, I’m tasty
She cravin’, her favorite tune
No ceilings

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