Go Crazy Lyrics

Artist: Jay Jones (Feat Lil Wayne)
Album: Hollygrove 2000
Year: 2017

[Intro – Jay Jones]
Yeah, yeah
I’m reloaded yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1 – Jay Jones]
Mean Mitch, I get plenty bands
I ain’t never been a minute man
I ain’t never been a cheese eater
Y’all looking like Packers fans
Hollygrove, that’s Pakistan
AK, that’s a half a man
Let it rip, they ain’t have a chance
Won’t make it to the ambulance
YM double O, we the business
Up in traffic with me the nigga
You ain’t Stevie, you see a nigga
Slick side, won’t be a nigga
I ain’t been up in the city lately
Bitches say I’m acting shitty lately
Got me working off of two phones
Got this rap shit going crazy
I don’t really like to waste time
Grab that from the waistline
Make it boom like a bassline
Long flights through a grey sky
I was chillin’ on Biscane
Got a text about the dick game
From my bitch out in NY
Tryna take me to the Knicks game
Ain’t it crazy how shit change?
Ain’t it crazy how a bitch change?
One week you they MCM
Next week you a big lame
Y’all hoes crazy, y’all hoes childish
All my partners they tote choppers
Drink lean out the whole bottle
She juggle balls, she a globe trotter
White girl want a coke shower
More money, that’s more problems
More ‘caine, I sold out it
Doors open, it’s so cloudy
I gotta juice, ready for take off
Sending hits they talking Adolf
I’m a pit, I’m talking J dog
What the fuck? I’m at the A loft
Real nigga all day and tomorrow
Business busy, I ain’t finna call you
Blowing up, know you feeling awful
Blowing up, know you feeling awful
Been through old hoes, I got new flames
On snacks alley I blew flame
Jabble up on Magic City
I fuck good at these new thangs
That’s all facts, all true
One call and I fall through
Niggas broke sitting inside sending out tweets, that’s what y’all do
Wo’ I’m good on the South, West and the Eastside, how about you?
How you “good”, but your niggas throwing up the peace sign?
That’s a foul move, let’s get it
I’m on that bullshit, you ain’t with it
All my bullshit, you can get it
Fuck on the baddest bitches in the city
And it don’t matter nigga, any city
Please don’t compare me with none of these niggas
Don’t run with these niggas, don’t ask me for pictures
I’m counting the dough and I’m laughing at niggas
And trapping they bitches, they handle my business
You say we fucked, hoe you liar
Don’t give a fuck hoe, you can die
I throw my middle finger in the sky
Then put a middle finger in ya twat
I done bought hope to the whole block
Won’t stop till I get a whole lot
Open up to y’all niggas, close shop
Roll up and watch, then I roll out
Wait, go crazy
Yeah, go crazy
Man, go crazy
Damn, go crazy

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Go brazy
So brazy, yeah
Blood gang, big Bs, red
I’m a Packers fan, I’m a cheesehead
Got a yellow bitch and I’m a green head
I’m a sleepy head, cause I’m a weed head
I’m a hammer head when her knees spread
Walkin’ like I talk it till my teeth bled
Till my feet red, I’mma need meds
I’mma need mines, I’mma need theirs
I’m a blind head, I’m a bleach head
She a xan head, she a beach head
I’m the sandman when her dreams dead
She go ham-ham on a meathead
Like Batman in the sweet Coupe
Like Pacman with a sweet tooth
I got both hands full of sweet bread
For the big heads, we behead you
Flatbread on your last leg
Your check book on the last page
And with that said I’m on a rampage
I’mma teach you and your classmates
No weekends off, no half-days
I’mma sashay on your landscape
I’mma get two hoes, make a pancake
I’mma fuck ’em both through their back gate
But can these hoes fix a backache?
I cum on they chest, place checkmate
Then they hug each other, now that’s great
Then come together like the USA
Hollygrove is our set Jay
Tunechi, I am the Sensei
Money, Money, Money, Money team
Hit the funny team with the trick play
Touch down, celebration
Wait, go crazy
Yeah, go crazy
Yeah, go crazy

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