I’m Good Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne (Feat Meek Mill)
Year: 2013

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[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Yeah, uh, I’m so fucking awesome, my marbles I lost ’em
I’m taking everything, everything but precaution
Your bitches wanna call us and text us like Austin
Pussy make me hard, pussy niggas make me nauseous
I’ve been on my feet since the day I started walking
Bitch I think I’m MC Hammer, put the nail in the coffin
Sell coke in a drought, sell pussy at a auction
Bullets got a nigga running fast enough to race horses
Around here you sniff these lines, you don’t cross ’em
Kill your ass and leave you behind like a orphan
I swear it happens all the time, very often
Still getting baseball money, Barry Larkin
Around here we play for keeps, yeah we eating but we starving
I get me a little money, try to spread it like margarine
I’m flyer than a motherfucker, all my flights chartered
Green Kush, red flag, black car, white lawyer, I’m good

[Verse 2 – Meek Mill]
Yeah, MMG YMCMB nigga, Tune what up?
Ay, I say I go into my beast mode, rapping niggas I eat those
I tell a bitch take a deep breath then bend them knees like a free throw
I don’t want me no good girl, I fell in love with these freak hoes
In my bedroom I make a movie, it’s starring me with that Lee Rose
Cause I ball hard like D-Rose, my stash on closet
Racks in my pocket, these racks I deposit
Got racks on my conscience, money on my mind
I got shooters on my team, they got bodies on their nine
Look at that bad bitch right there, see that body on that dime
I ain’t swimming in no hoe, you know I’m probably on that grind
All these niggas hating on me, me, but I ain’t on that time, time
Cause I be in that back nigga, and I ain’t talking about swine
I’m talking 62 West, they say a nigga too fresh
You a rat, your homie singing, y’all should do a duet
Shawty told me she love my swag, I make that pussy too wet
You niggas banned and my hoes, and I’m like why they’d do that?

[Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]
Um, I don’t have a conscience, all my friends are monsters
They visit me so constant and talk to me about nonsense
Like stabbing you and then watching you fight for your life like you boxing
Bitch deuce deuce, I smoke that OG killer, Bobby Johnson
I’ll ollie over that bitch head, it’s Hollygrove till I’m fucking dead
I did a bid for that toast, so fuck with me I’ll treat you like butter bread
But I still go hard with no regard, Earth ain’t shit, bitch go to Mars
Leave a nigga dead in the gutter, it’ll just be him and a bloody ass bowling ball
I’m fresh as hand sanitizer, don’t hate the game, just analyze it
Two xanax, I’m fantasizing about fat bitches’ panty sizes
Take a bullet to the chest, be a man about it, stop acting like a little bitch nigga
Most of y’all niggas is bitch niggas, I got a tiger in the basement, Big Tigger
My hair long and my dick bigger, my hair long and my dick bigger
My hair long and my dick bigger, my money longer, my weed stronger
I feed hunger, I no longer get my weed from Fee
I pull that freedom off my waist, now watch me let freedom ring, ding

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