My Daddy’s Son Lyrics

Artist: Dame D.O.L.L.A. (Feat Lil Wayne)
Album: Don D.O.L.L.A.
Year: 2023

[Verse 1 – Dame D.O.L.L.A.]
I tried to be solid, but so many n*ggas be fakin’ this shit
Beef with my girl, and somehow they thought my spot was vacant again
Like Dame out the house and I know that he probably complacent again
See me out and get bloody mouth, I embrace the revenge
Check the ‘Gram, boy, I’m straight with my hands
I only do family, don’t play with no friends
Cross me, you done, we ain’t makin’ amends
Millions to blow, boy I play with them bands
You ain’t from the hood, we ain’t playin’ in sand
Too solid for n*ggas
Got some Prada, now they proud of you n*gga
Poppin’ out, they poppin’ out with you n*gga
Ain’t got a B but I got me some figures, I’m different
Speak on me wrong, I create a lil’ distance
So many pеople fell off on the mission
Bad Boy likе Diddy or Zeke on the Pistons
Love how I speak, I’m a G, it’s consistent
I know they call so many n*ggas GOAT, but they ain’t complete the assignment
So many things need alignment
Pressure on me, it’s a diamond
I get thirty every night easy
Hoes catch a vibe when they see me
On a new level, they PeeWee
Ass fat, palm her like Keke, yeah
I know I’m meant for the top
There’s just no better example
I should start sellin’ a manual, uh
I’m like Kyrie with the handles, yeah
Gucci from head to the sandals, uh
Fifty-one million, that’s annual, yeah
Get to it quickly, Immanuel
I’m too real to be canceled
Matchin’ vibes by Louie, certified
Foreign whips, you n*ggas know the time
I was him way before my prime
Dolla ’cause I tend to the dimes
I f*ck up a check
Cause my pockets deeper than most of these n*ggas
Just know they gon’ give me respect
I don’t play no games or do jokes with these n*ggas, yeah

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
I don’t play no games or do jokes with these n*ggas
Go hard in the paint, I go post on these n*ggas
These n*ggas campaign, I don’t vote for these n*ggas
Ain’t got no champagne, I got toast for these n*ggas
Smoke somethin’
I walk with a limp like I broke somethin’
I like that Uzi, spit like a loogie
It sound like it’s clearin’ his throat for ’em
Feds takin’ pics, I’mma pose for ’em
All on my d*ck like I know somethin’
N*ggas want they flowers, then grow some
I come to this funeral and throw somethin’
Money and the power, I got both of ’em
Bugatti tsunami for sure comin’
I caught the salami and cold cut ’em
I’m like Aaron Rogers, no huddle
And I’mma put all my n*ggas down, I’mma put all my b*tches up
Them n*ggas too small to be biggin’ ’em up
And I start all my cars with digital touch
If I reach for the stars, them b*tches get touched
And if she lick my balls, my d*ck gon’ go nuts
And no fleas on my dogs ever since we was pups
And them flies on the wall never listen to us
And I keep the operation for cooperation
Ain’t nobody safe, I know the combination
You gon’ pay donation if we tolerate ya
Shawty body fake, I know the opp is faker
Her lips is workin’ like a occupation
I will pistol whip ya, I will bobble-head ya
I will discontinue, discombobulate ya
You ain’t talkin’ money, that’s a non-versation
Stop playin’, lil’ b*tch
Mula baby

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