My Darlin’ Baby Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne (Feat Drake)
Album: ~
Year: 2009

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[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, more beautiful than the word
Matter fact beautiful ain’t the word
Unexplainable is the beauty of her
And I will be the race car hitting her curves, errr
I drive her crazy
Uh, stupid retarded
Yeah and then I park it yeah
She got a smile on her
That puts a smile on me
She cater to me, she get all Destiny Child on me
She ride for me even though I got miles on me
She gon’ ride til the day they put flowers on me
That’s my darlin’
And I love it
That’s my
So sweet she bad for me
But she so good I’ll take the cavity
Falling for her like how safe is gravity
I make ya girl a ball face and marry me
Haha yeahh
I do
Hehe do you?

[Verse 2 – Drake]
But uhhhh
The things I’m willing to do to her
I wish I could have a threesome with two of her
I would sing a love song if I knew the words
But I’d be damned if another nigga knew it first
Ha cus you the one
Damn I think I see the sun
I guess that means you gotta run
Yeah, well holla at me when your done
Haha yeah… yeah I dig it baby
She nothing like every other dime
I think about her and a couple things’ will come to mind
Thoughts like if she end up my baby mother fine
Cus we only use a rubber like every other time
Ooo I bet she so embarrassed
I had to take her ass to Paris
Give her the moment that she cherished
Ya know?

[Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]
Yep, she got it coming to her like an heiress
And anything she want I Will like Ferris
Ooops I meant Ferris
In the coupe I tint very light
So them hating bitches can see me and you at every light
Oo and I hope its one of them long lights
I mean I hope it’s one of those long nights
No wrong turns ain’t no such thing as a wrong right

[Verse 4 – Drake]
Uh, you make it feel so good
And every time we cut I swear it heal so good
It’s been over a year, that shit is still so good
No it just did for you, you know just what to do
And aww, yeah
Oh and I love it
See I’m tryna make it public
I think the glass slipper does fit

[Verse 5 – Lil Wayne]
And yesterday I told her she a motherfucker
And how her new hair cut is so becoming of her
Oh that’s your girl?
Well I’mma make a women of her
Never do to another what we do one another
Haha, now that’s some numbers for ya
And I’ll give up my Summers for ya
Yeah I spent my winters and my springs on it
And put a ring on it

[Verse 6 – Drake]
Uhh, just say yes not no
The club is overrated baby lets not go
Lets stay home and burn a couple calories
Fuck the house up and make the maid earn her salary
Yeah, I cook you dinner if you cook me breakfast
They say nobody’s perfect, but you look perfected
I’d really love to be the one you took a step with
So trust me when I tell ya it’d be worth the effort

[Verse 7 – Lil Wayne]
Shes unbelievable like a purple leopard
Just give me the formula watch me work the method
Weezy F I prefer the best shit
And baby, you the fucking best
You deserve a trophy
You can be my four leaf, clover
Her clothes aren’t tight
Nigga they’re cozy
And when they turn around they say whoa like Joey
That’s my babe
Haha and I love it
Yeah, Young Money

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