My Room Lyrics

Lil Wayne My Room No Ceilings 3 Lyrics
Artist: Lil Wayne (Feat Lil Twist)
Mixtape: No Ceilings 3 (Side B)
Year: 2020

[Intro – Lil Wayne]
Oh, babe, yeah, huh
Oh, baby, yeah, babe
Ooh, mmm, 3

[Chorus – Lil Wayne]
She walked in my room, shameless as hell
I’ll just sit still and watch you walk around here struttin’, babe
Sparks in my room, pain’s in the air
Let’s pop us a pill, I’ll let you know when I feel something, babe

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, tell me not to love these hoes
I’m flexing on my exes, bae
They found out I’m with somebody else
They wanna fist fight, they wanna cat fight
You wanna fuck yourself when I’m on TV
You see tattoos all over my back
Diamonds on the grill, babe
You wanna roll with me, you want some smoke with mе
Wanna get high, open your mind and your nose for mе
I just love it, let me taste it
Make a man say: “mmm, babe”
Now turn around, look back at me, can I be your mirror?

[Chorus – Lil Wayne]
She walked on my moon, she played in my hair
I love the sound of those heels, you walkin’ ’round here struttin’, babe
The walls just might move, the paintings have fell
Got a shout in my ear, it sounded like sweet nothings, baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Baby, you’re the perfect shape
Cause baby, you’re the curvy shape
When you walk, that booty twerk, babe
Go shawty, it’s your birthday
Hold up, tell me you gon’ lie to the cops
Tell me you gon’ slide on the opp, opp, opp
But you love me, and I’m a dirty, yeah
You wanna roll with me and play a role for me
Wanna ménage with some thots you don’t know for me
Yeah, I just love to kiss your faces
Make a man say: “mmm, babe”

[Chorus – Lil Wayne]
Yeah, we going hard in my room, yeah, champagne as well
Yeah, bottles on chill, let’s toast cause I feel bubbly, babe
Lost in taboo, under her spell
She say: “how does it feel?” I say: “hold up, I’m still cummin’ babe”
No Ceilings

[Verse 3 – Lil Twist]
So, tell me how you think I’m sexy baby
One chick, hella thick like Alexis Texas baby
Backseat so presidential got us snorting Ronald Reagan
Then, she whispered in my ear and said: “this pussy is for the taking”, okay
Twizzy Baby quick to get these bitches naked
Bumbu, a cup of Aces, got these hoes switching places
I promised to keep a secret, she promised to let me taste it
Her booty big and amazing, she love the way I embraced it
Get the game from Tha Carter, Young Carter bring home the bacon
Still pimpin’, I was shot by Cupid, I hope he grazed me
My latest bitch thick as a stallion, but big as Megan
My other bitch cute, and she dangerous, think I don’t make it hoe
Five star Bay List, all my hoes A-list
Party in the hills, Robin Thicke on the playlist
Twizzy F and the F is for Ferragamo for the fragrance
She told me eat her pussy, I said: “make me”

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